2017 Songwriting Contest Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the 2017 Worship & Christian Music Songwriting Contest! This year, we had two separate categories, which was a new aspect of the annual contest. We have the Top 12 winners of each category, but also have an overall winner that gets the big prize!





"Morning By Morning" by Dan Macaulay
Category: Praise & Worship 

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1. "One True King" by Chris Cope
    [ Chord Chart ]

1. "No Rivals" by Alyce Metallo
    [ Chord Chart ]

2. "Oh Great God (I Believe)" by Jeff Markey

2. "Need You From The Start" by Sammy Nino

3. "Triumphant & Victorious" by Erik Perales

3. "What You Make Of Me" by Mike Hyden

4. "Hope" by David Lockard

4. "Psalm 4 (When I Call)" by Shane Heilman

5. "Before You" by Jeff Markey

5. "Foreign Land" by David A. Trent

6. "Whatever It Takes" by Jeff Markey

6. "Psalm 23 (Yahweh Is My Shepherd)" by Shane Heilman

7. "Holy Is Our God" by David Lockard

7. "In The Stillness" by Grace Wysong

8. "For Who You Are" by David Lockard

8. "Psalm 25 (Show Me Your Ways)" by Shane Heilman

9. "Unchanging God" by Matt Wagner

9. "Follow Me" by Steven Combs

10. "Hallelujah To You" by David Lockard

10. "Haunted By A Memory" by Ted Jones

11. "Let Us Sing" by Jeff Arrandale

11. "God You Are Father" by Jeff Arrandale

12. "Rock Of Refuge" by Greg Baggett

12. "God Of Eternity" by Grande Baliad

The top 6 from each category (including the overall winner) will be included on the upcoming "Worship The Rock 2017" compilation album (digital release)! An ETA for this album and other prizes will be announced soon so stay tuned!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Also, a big thanks to all of our judges for their help in evaluating all of the song entries!


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Comment by Nathan Gifford on September 12, 2017 at 4:15pm

Charles, honestly, a lot of the top winners were not members of WorshipTheRock... which of course was not a requirement (and hasn't been in previous years either). Most of them have signed up for accounts throughout the process of the contest so hopefully they will get involved around here. Some of the people were already on WTR, but they'd have to answer themselves as to why they haven't chimed in more.

Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by Charles Wolff on September 12, 2017 at 12:22am

So I'm not sure how much you're looking for in terms of comments, and as somebody who didn't enter the contest at all, maybe I shouldn't say anything, but a couple quick things...

For the style of music we do in our church with our band, I sure was impressed with David Lockard's contributions (I see he's another Zonie,I'm on the south side of Phoenix), and if I had been judging, "Hallelujah to You" would've been up there at the top.  Kind of a shame that the only one of his songs that will make it on the compilation is that one about "This is Soap" (sorry, but that's what it sounds like about half the time). (smiley face)

One question - I don't recognize ANY of the names of the people who entered the contest from the song critiquing forums or groups... would any of y'all care to comment on why you're not involved over there?

But, anyway, congratulations to everybody who made it to the top, here's hoping your songs find themselves in lots of churches...

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