2017 WorshipTheRock Worship & Christian Songwriting Contest

We are happy to announce the official kick-off of the 2017 WorshipTheRock.com Worship & Christian Songwriting Contest! After one year off, the contest has returned and is better than ever! We have an incredible panel of judges and a very exciting prize package that you certainly need to check out! The top winning song will not be the only participant to walk away with something great either.

There are also two separate categories... one for praise & worship and one for contemporary Christian.


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Guys, this is officially live and the entries have started to come in! Be sure to check it out and get involved!

Also, please help us out and share links to the contest page of this site on your social media. You can easily share posts that we already have on the WTR Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Have you checked out the details of this year's contest yet? You need to and you need to get involved! Don't pass it up!


So I recall noticing in the Twitter and/or FB announcements that there is going to be some way for the rest of us to listen to (purchase?) some or all of the entries in the contest this year.  Is such a thing available for the previous contests?

Also, the special session for the winner to discuss their song with Integrity, is there going to be a way for the rest of us to watch that session, either live or archived?  It's a cool prize, though it might be equally / more interesting to have one of the judges record a video where they discuss reasons why some of the other songs DIDN'T win.

Ya know what else might be a cool inducement would be if, say, the top 10 (or more) songs in the contest could maybe be "published" by WorshipReady (i.e., registered with the Copyright Office as a group of songs, with the writers' permission), registered with CCLI, and tied in with the purchasable (?)  audio files...

Yeah, I know, I don't expect to be entering any of my own songs in the contest, but I like tossing out suggestions for things that might interest me as a WL.  I haven't entirely connected to the spotify playlist yet, either, because I had sort of a bad experience the last time I tried to work out signing up for DRM...

The top 6 songs from each category will included on a compilation CD, yes, which will be digitally released only. No physical CDs replicated. This will be available for purchase (cheap) on iTunes, but also available on Spotify and such. Nothing like this exists for previous years' contests. It's part of the new WTR! :)

The session with Integrity will not be recorded. It wouldn't be much of a prize if it was shared with everyone. Besides, we wouldn't be allowed to record it anyway. I get what you're saying... valuable info and insight for everyone... but in this case, it's a door that has been opened to the contest winner. Maybe we can work out an arrangement to get something like that setup that is more general for everyone else. It's a good thought. I'll see what I can do!

All song entries will receive feedback, which is uncommon for contests like this. There is scoring that is being done and also additional comments. Entrants will receive this for their song entries, which will hopefully provide valuable feedback, constructive criticism, etc and help in the ongoing growth of their writing.

The top 6 winners from each category ARE getting submitted to CCLI as part of this. The top winner of each category will be added to WorshipReady.com with custom charts along with all of the other songs there.

The top 10 of each category will be listed on both WTR and WR sites, including audio (unless someone doesn't want their audio publicly posted).

Thanks for the answers!  I like the improvements to the contest.

Just shy of two weeks left everyone! Get your songs submitted and be a part of this year's contest! The prizes have never been better, and with two different categories to enter in, you have even more chances to be a winner!

This coming Monday is the final day to submit songs for this year's contest!! So just about 3 1/2 days left!

How can we listen to the winning songs from last year's contest?

There was no contest last year. WTR ran the contest in 2014 and 2015. That was before the change in ownership. I have found a listing of winners, but we have not found any page in this system allowing you to listen to previous years' submissions.

Things will be much different this year with much more done with the winners and results, so stay tuned in the next few weeks!


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