Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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Hi all.

I play a Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, California) OM-M, the 2nd 'M' is for Mahogany and it has a spruce top. Very sweet, musical quality about this guitar. I use the LR Baggs imix system with an iBeam under the bridge and the M1 in the sound hole. And... I'm playing Cleartone strings (lights, the mediums don't sound very good).

I also have a Morgan guitar (Vancouver, BC) which has Rosewood back and sides with spruce top. iBeam pickup and I play Martin SP's on this one (medium). Ever since I purchased the Santa Cruz, the Morgan doesn't get played much. Really great guitar, though.
Good choice!
Hi Guy's I play a Maton EM225C, It is a lovely guitar sound fantastic just after being re strung.
I play an Ibanez Concord from the 1970's! It's a Martin Lawsuit copy and all blonde with great tone. Right now I have Martin 80/20's on it.
Increased sound spectrum. You should check out the Fishman Aura. Pretty unbelievable! I heard a pretty low end Martin a few months ago that sounded like it was coming out of the studio. I approached the guy after church and found out that the only thing he was using was the aura. They have a demo on their website. But, it really doesn't do it justice. You might want to check it out at your local music store to get the full effect.

grace & peace... craig
Hi, first of all I love to play my acoustic guitars. I have been playing since I was 9 years old (sorry... not going to tell you how old I am today! smile). I have several guitars but my favorite ones are both Martins. I have a 1972 D-18, and a Martin satin finish maple acoustic (with cut away). They both just sing!!!
I'm really fortunate to have 2 great guitars.

My main one is a Taylor 714CE - it's simply the nicest thing with 6 strings I've ever at first strum.

My older guitar (which I only just managed to justify not selling when I got the taylor) is a Takamine EN40C. I tend to keep that tuned to EABEBE (a la Jars of Clay) and use it in some songs for a different sound.
I play an auditorium style Martin that I love!! It's smaller body fit so well and even though it was almost destroyed on a plane when I was ministering at a church out West it still is an amazing little guitar with a warm sound. I also have a couple of Yari's that I used to play exclusively that are really nice to play and sound great but I got the "I need a new guitar" bug and ended up with the Martin, a line 6 Variax and my first electric, an Les Paul by Epiphone. Yes, I have too many guitars but I find I lend them to budding guitarists but they do do alot of dust collecting!

MY bug is an expensive one! I want a Martin Aura a cheap one is 2,000.00 the one I'm looking at is almost 3,000..Icurrently play a couple of Alvarez acoustic electrics and a Stratacoustic by Fender.


i play a yamaha tl electra have had it for years

love it
I've just joined Worship the Rock about 5 minutes ago I used to play a seagull but I've upgraded about a month ago to an Ibanez EW series what a beautiful sounding guitar it has a built in direct box with 1/4 or XLR plugs I tried an ovation and a taylor but found this guitar was the one I am limited to waht I can play beeing a lefty. I have no Regrets on this. And the built electronics are awsome. The only Draw back is I have to spec order the case because the guitar is about 1/8 or so bigger all around.
I am playing a Seagull 6 and a Yamaha 12 string. I am looking for a mid-level guitar. Any advice?


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