Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I love my Martin DC16-GTRE. It's a cutaway acoustic with a Fishman "aura" preamp that has preloaded settings for six different mic settings for the guitar. It allows for some beautiful tone.
Hi Tim, I have DC-16RGTE and was thinking about adding the Fishman Aura pre amp. I am playing through a Roland AC-60 Stereo Chorus acoustic amp. Would this be overkill with my present setup? Dave Swann
Hi I play a Guild JF4 (94 vintage) and a Taylor 12 string 844ce.....the guild has shadow electrics...
I play an Ovation Pinnacle! Not many musicians play Ovations, they have a different sound, but I LOVE IT!!! Plus, it has great electronics!
i play an ovation celebrity deluxe,a Christmas gift from my brother in law a few years ago,it records nice but unplugged i would love to have my samick D4 back or have a samickD7,i use ghs,dean markley and d addario light gauge either phosphor bronze or vintage bronze
yamaha fgx 720 sca
i love it!
I had a Hokada 12 string, basically I learnt on it. I did use it with one of those clamp in the sound hole pick-ups too. After about a year/18 months of constantly tightening the truss rod it ran out of adjustment. With the action progressively getting higher and not much I could do about it I traded it in for a Levin 12-36.
I still have that and I love it.

David Bull.
I play with an Abilene AW15S. -- It's one of those not very well known line of guitars, made for Samick USA.

Even though it's not well known, it's got a beautiful sound.
I play an Ovation Celebrity w/Elixer Nanoweb strings.
Fender Acoustisonic 30 w/AT wireless belt pack.
My next guitar (when I can afford to upgrade) will likely be a Breedlove Atlas. I tried it out when I was in Nashville in Feb. It has a nice smooth/warm tone at an affordable price.
You will love the Breedlove, it has incredible tone and sustain. I have the AC25/SR Plus.
I use a Taylor 414 CE. For one of the "cheaper" Taylor solid body taylors it has acomfortable feel and is very dependable. Honestly...i have played the more expensive models from Taylor, Martin, Gibson....the neck is very comfortable for me....
Alvarez Yairi DY-52, with an L.R. Baggs Dual Source installed. Real balanced. I used to use D'Addario EJ17s, now I use their coated versions of the same string (for longevity).


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