Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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samick D7 solid cedar top great sound 500 or less

What do you call mid level? Washburn,Alvarez.Yamaha,Epiphone, Cheap Martin 500-800 dollars ,Ibanez 

Taylor 410 - Fishman pickup
Taylor 710ce
Well I own several guitars, My main guitars are a Larrivee LV-05 cut away that I had a pick up installed in. My other guitar is a Seagull Artist cutaway with the flame maple 3 split back and curly maple sides. This has the LR Baggs micro duet system in it that has an internal mic and ribbon pick up.

I love both these guitars, they play like a dream and each have a unique sound
Love the Larrivee LV-05!! Great Guitar... i had one for a while.
I have the Seagull, Artist Edition, Cutaway, Flame maple. It is the nicest gutar I have ever Owned. I love its sound and the over all feel of it while playing. It really makes the sound come out. The first time I played it I could actually hear notes I have been playing all along but would never sound out of the cheaper guitars I had previously played. Love my Seagull!
I have an assortment of Taylor guitars that I've used over the years. I'm currently going back and forth between my 910 and my T-5. The 910 has an amazing, well balanced, woody tone and my T-5 gives me the versatility to switch from an acoustic sound to an electric sound on the fly.
about 8 years ago God had someone give me a Dean Performer, Totally loved it! the Fret board has excellent action even for female hands :)
7 years later God had another totally unrelated person give me a Dean EANDES, which has the built in tuner as well as the two types of hookups ...yay! Go GOD!
still great action! Although, I havent found the strings I really like yet to make that deep, rich sound I like. still lookin....

In Christ,

Try Dadarrio  E26 Phospher Bronze  !They are very warm and start at .011 1st string.AJ

I second that, the EJ26's are great strings, been using them on my Carvin AC275 for 6 years now and love them!

They are the only strings i will use on a acoustic Guitar.Have them on a stratacoustic as well!


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