Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I play a Taylor 414ce and a La Patrie Etude classical.
I used to sell those, for the price point the La Patrie is tough to beat in my opinion.
I have an Alvarez model 5022. I've had this guitar for about 37 years and it still has a pretty good sound.
I have a 2005 Martin custom 000CX1E. This is actually one of the cheaper Martins but all my musician friends say the sound and tone is AMAZING! I had the action adjusted by a guitar tech and it plays FABULOUS!
I play a tanglewood, im not sure what model it is. I went to about six different shops playing nearly every semi-acoustic that they had in the shop. when i picked up the guitar i have now i knew it was the one i wanted. i use elixier strings 12 gauge. they are expencive but well worth it. last for ages and can make any guitar sound really sweet.
Great to hear from another Tanglewooder. The same happened to me, I tried out loads of different guitars, and like you, I knew it was the one I wanted too - just felt right. I love it.
My main guitar that I use for worship and Coffeehouses is a Taylor 6 string it! I have two 6 string Takamine's, a 12 string Alverez and a Fender electric. I use Elixer strings.

I had a Takamine EG523 and loved it .Elixer strings are too jangling.Ddarrio EJ26 are much warmer on sound.I had 3 Alvarezs down to two now.

I've got an Ovation Celebrity GC28 and a Fender Starcaster
I totally agree! I love my ovation!
I have a Samick Greg Bennett Signature Series (MJV-10SE), Electric/acoustic. I like Dean Markley's Blue Steel LT strings, but occassionally use Martin or D'Addario strings. It has a narrowed neck (I'm on the petite side) that makes it alot easier for me to play than my dad's '75 Yamaha. My Samick was a gift from my parents, so it'll always be my first choice. I also have an old Peavey Patriot electric guitar.
My last guitar was an Ovation Celebrity shallowback. Owned and played it since 1988ish and never wanted anything else until I started playing at churcha lot and the sound guy could never get me loud enoug in the mix. The passive pickups were not getting the job done - and it was developing an uncorrectable bow in the neck.

My guitar tech recommended the Dean Performer SE. You don't need a d-box (a mic cable will plug right into it) or a tuner (it's built in) with this baby. Cost about $400 but plays/sounds as good as anythign less than a grand. FYI, if you want a case to fit it, don't buy a Dean case. Gator makes one (the 'dreadnaught' I think) that fits it perfect.

My next guitar will be a variax. The tech nerd in me loves it, and it lets me have (sorta) hundreds of guitars for the cost of one. Oh - but that's not an acoustic so - never mind...


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