Been saving my pennies for years and looking to get a different guitar. I currently have Taylor 414CE but looking for a different sound. Lately all Taylors are sounding the same to me.

My dilemna - I can't go and sit for hours and play hundreds guitars for day in and day out... my three year old son goes nuts after about 10 minutes in the store. Thought maybe some of you might help me narrow it down a bit before I carve out some time to go shopping.

I'm not in the budget to own two nice guitars at the same time, might sell this one and add my pennies to get another. Anyone interested?

Been looking at Gibsons... kinda like the hummingbird one, I dunno. That butterfly on the pick guard is so cute! Would anyone be interested in stopping by my page and listening to the tunes and giving suggestions on type of guitar to go with my vocals & music style? Couple of the recordings were done with my friends vintage Gibson, I'm not in the budget for a vintage, but maybe a remake?

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I picked up a Godin multiac acoustic electric with a rolands GR33 footpedal and it is amazing, It is the fullest sound you can find, I see one of the guy's on Hillsong uses one, I also have a seagul by Godin and it has a great feel and a little different sound, maybe not better than some or those taylors but for the money you can't beat it, I use it over my Guild which I paid over twice as mush for. I gues I got a guitar for sale, ha ha Praise the Lord Bill Phillips
Godin? Huh, never heard of it. Money isn't always everything - I actually have an older beat up Matao (made in Korea) but I keep thinking it sounds great and wonder what it would sound like if I added a pickup. Hmm... I'll check into the Godin and see who sells.
Breedlove AD25SR its 1000 bucks, but its amazing, I love taylors, and i was playing the 814ce at the store. After deciding on not teasing myself anymore i dropped it and picked up the Breedlove and had to pick up my jaw too, if i had the money i'd buy it. It's great.
I'm not sure I'm in the budget bracket for a taylor in the 800 series - my Taylor was second to cheapest when I bought it, around the 1,200 range :) I wonder who sells the breedlove in San Diego. I'll check it out
"Lately all Taylors are sounding the same to me."

LOL - I was about to come along and say "get a taylor - they're gorgeous!". If you've already got that T-Shirt, then I have very little to contribute...!

My other guitar is a Takamine - It's a much 'lighter' and 'brighter' sound than the taylor, so if you're after that feel, it might be worth having a look at them.

Other than that, I'm not well enough versed in the qualities of different makes to suggest anything.....

Not sure why I'm posting this..... :)

Diane, you live very close (I would imagine) to one of the greatest guitar stores in the US... Buffalo Bros. in Carlsbad. They have, literally, thousands of guitars in stock from so many different guitar makers including taylor, martin, gibson, guild, larrivee, not to mention a lot of higher end brands. They offer 100% trade up down the road if you want to upgrade. (no, I don't work for them, I only wish I lived closer so I could take advantage). Great website, too.

That being said, I like the Taylor 700 series guitars, but like you, I tend to think that Taylor has a very specific sound... a good sound, but very specific. Many of the Gibsons that I've played sound horrible. They sound like $600 guitars with a $2000 price tag. (as you can see, I have very strong opinions) I have heard the hummingbird, though, and it sounded very nice. In fact, it was at the worship central weekend in OC. Both Tim and Al played the classic Gibson Jumbo (neither sounded very good), and Caleb Clements played the Hummingbird (sounded very good). There you go.

I think the best thing to do would be to get a baby sitter, find another guitar playing friend (or two), and spend an afternoon at Buffalo Bros. playing as many in your price range (very important) as you can. Trust your ears... Good Luck!
I totally LOVE Buffalo Bros store. About a 40 minute drive from me. You go upstairs and the guitars are so gorgeous! I haven't set the date to go there yet though because I'm overwhelmed. Finally got the babysitter thing covered, hubby on Fridays, just haven't been able to clear my plate of all the other task that line themselves up in priority over new guitar. SIGH.

Thank you for agreeing that Taylors sound the same - good - but same. Glad to know I'm not crazy. I went to a show in Vegas "Mama Mia" and thought for sure I heard a Taylor in the orchestra, opened the program and there it was - all acoustics being played were Taylors.

I agree on the Gibsons too, it's just that their price range is closer to my budget (Anything under $3,000) and I really like the look of them.

Yes I was at WC OC - and I saw the Gibson they used and wasn't super impressed. Was Caleb the young fellow who was ROck Harbor's worship leader? I thought he had a sweet countenance leading worship. Didn't pay attention to his guitar though, woops. Hey, maybe that's proof he's a good worship leader - un attention getting!

It's my ears that I don't trust - afraid I'll impulse buy or buy something too soon. That's why I was looking for other peoples advice on here. I can't take you all with me to the guitar store!

Are we allowed to knock Gibson guitars?

I thought there was something a bit like holiness about them and they were all perfect which puzzled me a bit because I have heard one or two that sound dull as if the sound board is made out of a bit of ply wood rather than a single piece of wood.


David B. 

Yes, that's what I'm hearing. I'm told they open up over time, but I've not been privy to a recent Gibson that has finally "opened up". You will play one in a dozen new ones that are really nice, but mostly the new ones are very dead sounding. I figure the tops are very thick and will respond well to heavy strumming and picking with medium or heavy strings. No? I'm not sure.

I love that you guys are still interested in this post... seeing as it's a couple years later and I... STILL haven't decided on a guitar!!!  EEsh.  BUt I am glad for the input on Gibson, maybe I'll stop coveting them... :)  

That means your three year old is now a five year old and possibly at school? Perhaps you've got more time to take your time in your local shops by now? Instrument choice is very subjective and how they sound under your fingers is not going to be the same as for someone else so, when possible, hands on experience is invaluable.


Yes he is actually six now, and in school.  But we had a surprise visit from a little sister, who is now two years old, thus my shop-pability dilemma has doubled and my available time has shrunk in like half.  But eventually she will head off to school... I am STILL playing my Taylor, and hoping and praying for a new guitar, and keepin' this thread alive (if Phil will let me) for all the great input everyone has provided.  I agree with you , hands-on testing is a must.  


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