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At home I have a Tama 4 piece with Sabian cyms. And honestly I love them. During services at our church we have a Roland V-Drum set up, just for the ease of control as far as house mix and what-not. The Rolands are great drums, but I will always think accoustic is the way to go, even though its a bit more trouble to contain and mic.
I am an old school acoustic drummer. I learned to play by listening to CCR and Beatle records on a hi-fi stereo. (editor note: you youngsters can probably find out what a hi-fi stereo is on wikipedia) Once I learned all of Buddy Clifford's and Ringo's licks, I started moving on to others; Charlie Watts, Ginger Baker to name a few. And that's how I got started.

Fast forward to current times now. If you would have told me WAY back then that in 2008, I would be playing an electronic drum set, I would have told you that you were crazy. But low and behold I am. And even thought it hurts a little to say it; I like it. Let me be clear though; NOTHING beats acoustic. But in certain instances and settings, electronic is the way to go. Particularly in a church environment where you have various sizes of buildings that range from cavernous gymnasiums to brick and concrete mega temples. E drums can solve all the problems associated with sound issues that playing in these environments can cause.

The new technology of today is pretty dang awesome. I play a Roland V20 set. The sounds you can get out of that thing continue to amaze me. I can dial up and change head size, tuning, mic position, muffling, etc at the push of a button. It blows me away! And with the mesh heads now vs. the old rubber pads, you get a better feel on the drum. Understand this; it will not EVER feel the same as an acoustic drum! Edrums do have their limitations. I do not like the hi hat on the edrum. No matter how I set the sensitivity, I still cannot get it to clutch the way I like it. I still cannot do the cymbal work that I like to do on the edrums. But overall, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

The biggest positive being volume control. Along with IEM's, the edrums have allowed us to eliminate stage volume issues. We can play any size venue and not have to worry about being too loud or too soft. It is really cool!

I have 2 acoustic sets; an OLD Remo set that was the workhorse of my rock n roll glory days. Those suckers are L O U D. Which probably equates to my hearing loss, but that is a different topic! My other set is a Yamaha Custom which is so smooth and nice. Really great warmth and texture!

So, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

And I continue to.....


I LIKE THAT ! ! ! !

I have to Use That Come Wednesday Night
I have MAYA (old Japanese Brand)for the Shells and REMO pinstripes for the toms. I use Evans for the Bass and Aquarian skins for my PEARL Piccolo Snare. I usually want my drums to sound "Domey". I use Sabian Pro Sonix for my cymbals and a Zildjian Splash cymbal to complete the list. I still use my 8 -year old TAMA Iron Cobra for my pedals. I've always admired Spin Doctors drummer, Aaron Comess. His sound is really distinct and lively. My other influences are Mike Portnoy, John Bonham and Akira Jimbo
I've just got this electronic portable drum kit and it sometimes leads me out of timing due to the delay of its reaction I could no longer enjoy playing with it. what could I possibly do to repair its delay? its brand is Casio
Sorry to say this but the drum pad machine is good for personal practice and also for its portable function that is good. I recommend you to use an acoustic drum set, start with basic setting, like 5pc drum, 4 pc cymbals (hi-hit, crash and ride toal have 4 piece)... if you are afraid of loud, try Yamaha electronic drum that is something looks like drumkit but not what currently you are using. its also the great starts too, and their price is close. :)
Hope this information helps you~!
Hey all,

I have been extremely blessed and currently have a few kits including Yamaha Beech Customs in a fusion configuration, A Yamaha Hip Gig Rick Moratta series and Roland TD-6. I am waiting for my next purchase to show up it is a Taye Studio Maple kit in BIG sizes (24x18 kick, 12" , 16" & 18" Tom's and hopefully soon a 7x14" snare). I am really anxious to get them set up. I have mainly Sabian Cymbals and some Zildjian's and Saluda's sprinkled in, I really like Dark cymbals and rides with very little wash. I am no where near a good enough drummer to deserve such good equipment but it sure helps make me sound better and makes me what to practice and play all the time. Now if just didn't have to work :)

I have to agree with Glen, as much as I like my Roland's I just can't get the cymbals to where I like them. Wish I could because I would have stuck with electronics if I had. The other thing they will never do is look as good as a good lacquer on a set of acoustics.

Drum on :)
Nothing beats the PEARL Brother.. :)
Hi, first time here.
I got a beginner Ludwig 5 piece drumset, Zildjian ZXT Rock 4 piece cymbals (Zildjian Cymbals ROCKS!!!), Pearl p1000 (belt) drum pedal. Pro-mark SD4 (maple) Bill Bruford signature drumstick. My secret weapon is my Evans Drum torque key!! it helps me to even all the nut's tension in short time and i can try out low or high tone that i want on my drumkit. I always bring my cymbals, pedal and my snare to church when I'm serving. I so used to my equipment that sometime i can't really play well with other equipment (even K custom).
I have a Tama Rockstar. It's In starburst colour so it fades from red to orange. I have a 8, 10, 12, 14 inch toms and 22 Bass. I have a mixture of Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals I have:
A custom 14inch hihats
14 inch A Custom Fast Crash
16 inch A Custom Projection Crash
18 inch HHX Sabian Stage Crash
16 inch Sabian HHX Evolution Crash (has holes In it)
20 inch K custom Ride
12 inch A custom Splash and
7 inch HHX Sabian Dave Weckyl Custom Splash
Oh Yeh I also Have a 14x8 Ludwig snare drum.


This Is my sort of interim kit i want to get a Truth Drum Kit Or a Shine custom kit or even Yamaha!
Oh Yeh I also Have a 18 inch Stagg China!!
I play mostly the kits from 2 church's I play at:

Tama Rockstar (Sabian B8 cymbals), and
Gretsch Catalina Birch (A custom cymbals)

My own kit:

Ludwig Classic 80s Maple 13, 14, 16, 22.
Zildjian A 18 Medium crash
20" Ping Ride
14" New Beat Hi Hats
17" K Custom Dark Crash - bought repaired
17" Dream Bliss Crash/Ride

I also own a Yamaha dtxplorer e-kit.


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