What are your 5 favourite praise and worship songs to use to lead worship at the moment?

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1 - He Knows My Name
2 - Mighty to Save
2 - How Great is Our God
3 - For All You've Done
4 - You Shine
4 - Hope of the Nation
5 - In Christ Alone
5 - You Are My King (Amazing Love)

It's difficult to pick 5 from the play list as I added the songs up over the past 6 months and this is the average. There are some ties. 6 & 7 have 4 songs tied and there are only 4 songs left as we only have a play list of 20 songs and every hymn from the book which were probably not played more than twice each.
In His Service
Revelation Song
Mighty To Save
Come To The Cross
Make Way For The King
My favorites would be:

I Am
I Am Free/Freedom
Jesus Messiah
Worshipping You
Revelation Song
Our Father (BJ Putnam)
From the Inside Out (Joel Houston)
Lord, You're Holy - bridge only (Eddie James)
The Potter's Hand (Darlene Zschech)
Mighty To Save (Reuben Morgan)
Is that the "Remain" by Starfield? How is that going with your congregation, and how playable is it? I love that song.
Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
How Great is Our God
We Fall Down
You Are My All In All
Jesus Messiah
I can only answer as one who plays the music and doesn't lead the worship. But of the material we've been using over the past so many months I'd have to go with:
1. Revelation Song--JLRiddle--Most here know the power of this one. We've done it several different ways; acoustic guitar only, full band driven by keys, 3-4 piece band driven by acoustic guitar, 3-4 pieces driven by keys, and acoustic guitar accompanied by sax ( I love wailing away on this one). It works regardless of how it's arranged or who's singing it, male or female, and has turned into a favorite of many.
2. As Children--Jeremy Riddle/Vineyard--Also turning into a church favorite as it's a cry out to God for renewal in our lives and the church. I also appreciate the freedom given by the leader using it to play over the simple progression several times at the end of the song. I'm a sucker for 6/8 time.
3. At the Foot of the Cross (Ashes to Beauty)--Kathryn Scott--Haven't done this one in awhile, but I have yet to get through it without crying.
4. Grace Like Rain--Todd Agnew--My favorite rendition of Amazing Grace, and fun to play.
5. Angus Dei (MWSmith)/Worthy(Don Moen)--God is God and I am not--Halleluiah!!!
At the Foot of the Cross - K. Scott
At the Cross - Hillsong
Glory to God Forever - Fee (we use this with the hymn Down at the Cross)
My Savior, My God - Aaron Shust
Here I am to Worship

Another song that our congregation hasn't really adopted yet, but I love to sing it at conferences and Events is "Empty Me" by Jeremy Camp.
Jesus, Lover of My Soul - Red Mountain Church
How Great is Our God - Tomlin
God, Be Merciful to Me - Indelible Grace
We Are Listening - Sojourn Community Church
Arise, My Soul, My Joyful Powers - Zac Hicks :)
There are lots Praise and Worship songs that we have done for years that I just love that are on many of the lists here. Some of the songs we have learned in the past few months that are presently always on my mind and lips:

I will rise - Chris Tomlin
Hosanna - Hillsong
I'd need a Savior - Among the Thirsty
Now My Lifesong Sings - Casting Crowns
Happy Day - Tim Hughes
Sing Sing Sing - Chris Tomlin
Everyone (praises) - Desparation Band
Fire Fall Down - Hillsong
The Stand - Hillsong
These are the top 5 for this year. This was really hard, there are so many good songs.. These 5 stood out for response
by the congregation. We do sets of 2 or 3 songs and we usually will link them by theme and tempo. We try to make the first song lead into the second and so forth which really sets the tone of the service for the congregation and our pastor.
Jesus Messiah - Tomlin / Cash / Reeves / Carson
In Christ Alone - Getty / Towsend
The Word Is Alive - Casting Crowns
Revelation Song - Jennie Lee Riddle
All Because of Jesus - Casting Crowns
2 more you don't know written by one of our team members, Chris Longley
Holy Is He
Hear Us As We Pray


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