What are your 5 favourite praise and worship songs to use to lead worship at the moment?

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Mine would probably be:

Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
Worship The Lord (Al Gordon)
From the Inside Out (Hillsong)
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown / Paul Baloche)
We stand and lift up our hands (Chris Tomlin)

...but the list changes frequently!
Hi Phil - the Chris Tomlin song is called "Holy Is the Lord", but you probably knew that. I correct it here just in case others may be looking for it.
Mighty to save
From the inside out
We prepare the way (Charlie Hall)
The more I seek you (Kari Jobe)
My romance (Rick Pino)
My current faviourites (not in any order):
-Draw Me Close
-Breathe of God (Hillsongs)
-Because of Your Love (Al Gordon)
-Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
-From Ashes to Beauty (The Vine Band)
Yes 'Draw me close to you' is a great song - haven't played it for a little while - you've just reminded me of it and now I want to go and play it on my guitar - thanks :-)
Top 5 over the past year or so:

How Great Is Our God (tomlin)
Blessed Be Our God (barefoot)
Here I Am to Worship (hughes)
Holy is the Lord (tomlin)
Blessed Be Your Name (redman)

Top 5 more recently would be:

Living For Your Glory (hughes)
Worship the Lord (gordon)
Lord of Lords (fraser)
You Are (barefoot)
Everlasting God (brown)
Spirit of the Living God (barefoot)
Beautiful One (hughes)

oh, that's more than 5...
We will let you off this once!
Thanks for extending grace my way. I have a problem with making lists (it's a commitment problem), I can never keep it to just 5 (movies, books, bands) it's impossible.
I"m with Andy. My favourites change all the time. I do seem to be singing the hymn How Great thou art a lot at the moment and I rediscovered "I'm accepted I'm forgiven" a week or two ago!

I'll have to look at my own set lists to see if there's a particular pattern!

From the Inside Out
My Tribute (a Classic!)
Lead me to the cross
Here I am to worship
Be Thou My Vision (another classic!)

...a love doing a mixture of the good old songs and the new ones when leading worship. It introduces the church to new songs but also reminds them of the songs that the early church were singing. Kinda reminds me that we are worshiping the God who never changes....c",)
Amazing Grace -Tomlin
Let God Arise - Tomlin
I am Free - Newsboys
So Great - Michael W. Smith
Better than Life - Ratliff
Ooh... I love Better Than Life, too. I learned it the Travis Cottrell way. But we don't have a choir, so I wind up singing it, well, a little off. ;-)


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