What are your 5 favourite praise and worship songs to use to lead worship at the moment?

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Spring Of Life (Kristian Stanfill)
How He Loves (DC*B, JesusCulture)
Your Love Never Fails (JesusCulture)
All Because Of Jesus (Fee)
Tear Down The Walls (Hillsong United)
Jesus Messiah
Born Again
Through the Fire-Crabb Family
and now my lifesong sings to You
How great is our God-->how great Thou art-->How great is our God
these are all great selections, now how about favorite medleys, just to mix it up.
Jesus Messiah - Tomlin
Bless His Name - Sanchez (Jeremy Riddle version)
Glorified - Jared Anderson
Amazed - Jared Anderson
Your Grace is Enough - Maher
My top five changes pretty rapidly, (I get bored with songs pretty quickly.... so these songs change rapidly) But the current top five that I love playing with my band are these so far...

The Time Has Come (Hillsong United)
Here is Our King (David Crowder Band)
God of This City (Blue Tree/Passion version)
Wintersong (Barielles/Michaelson) - not a Christian song, but a great message that I've been working on with the band as a Christmas eve special.
Hosanna (Hillsong United)

After Advent and Christmas though we're shifting gears and getting ready for Lent and Easter, so my top five will be forced to change in that direction lol
1. How He Loves - Covered by David Crowder
2. Word of God Speak
3. God of this city
4. Amazing Grace - My Chains are gone
5. Some Peace Again - Gina Praino
1. God of Mine- Pete Shambrook
2. You Never Let Go- Matt Redman
3. For Who You Are- Hillsong
4. Happy Day- Tim Hughes (arrangement by Steve Fee as well, where he does "Oh Happy Day (gospel)" into "Happy Day (rock)"
5. We Fall for the Blood (my own Medley between Nothing But the Blood and We Fall Down)
Not in order:

None But Jesus - Brooke Fraser/Hillsong

This is our God - Hillsong

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

Savior King - Hillsong <---- If I had to listen to one song for the rest of my life. This would be it.

Glory in the Highest - Chris Tomlin

1. God of this City

2. Friend of God

3 Jesus Messiah

4. Yes You Have

5.  Majestic


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