As you lead, sing or play in worship in your church what is your dream? What would you love to see happening as you meet?

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WOW great question. I'd luv to see God doing what he needs to do with the people. Those who need deliverance, being delivered. Those who want a touch, be touched. Just to see God moving in the church.
I would love to see everyone freed to worship God without shame, and with abandon.
I'd love to see the people so abandoned to the worship of God that they lose track of time, the music, themselves...

"Honour and majesty go before you, strength and beauty are in your sanctuary..." Psalm 96.

I want to see the strength and beauty of the LORD on the faces of everyone present! :)
The cynical side of me thinks that the control freaks amongst us will try to sabotage the worship before it gets to that point... :)
I am wanting to see everyone worship God from deep within. I want to see the whole congregation lost in the presence of the Lord. I want to see chains released and freedom displayed on the faces of those who are seeking Him. To be in a true spirit of worship in our services is what I am dreaming of.
Amen Bill!
thats my greatest dream too Bill......
Oh Yes! Amen!
Maybe it is the "show biz" in me, but it is all about getting to those "rapture moments." You know, those spontaneous moments when a group stands up and claps and praises. We need more. So, I guess, we need to plan more "spontaneous" moments -- as I said, it is the "show biz" coming through -- but if you don't plan them in then you might wait a long time.

All that said, I do know that anyone who thinks contemporary worship is somehow wrong is totally disarmed when people get saved. No one looks at their watch when lives are being changed. So, what do I want in worship? Life changing rapture moments. We're getting there -- I would say 3 out of four of our morning services get there.
I love the answers that folks have brought to this question - thankyou.

To get lost in wonder and praise, to see God moving and as Simon wrote to see the people still worshiping God on the street later in the week. It seems to me that if God has his way with us in our times of worship, as we step forward to kiss our Lord so he steps towards us and changes us. As he changes us and our churches he can change our towns and cities, our nations and the world. It seems to me that part of worshiping our Lord is to be changed by him into the people He always wanted us to be and consequently to see His kingdom come in more and more and more - now I'm getting EXCITED!

What you call "show biz" moments I see as the result of building up the momentum of worship to the point when we forget our inhibitions. I really agree with you, if you don't plan them in you may have to wait a long time. :)
My dream is to see my church worship God with everything. To see them love the House of God. To be planted in His house and serve His house and His people. My dream is to see every person volunteering and serving as an act of their worship to God. My dream is to see my church reach out and make a difference in our community as a act of Worship. My dream is to see every person in my church, across all generations, worshiping God with Everything, no matter what the song, style or genre. No matter if its to a organ or a rock band, but that Jesus will be Praised and Worshiped. That we will be changed when we meet Him and then go out and continue our worship by being His Hands and Feet. That is my Dream!


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