Hi, everyone!

I've been wondering about something. One day I was looking at most of the musicians in my church and there are some involved with other ministries as well. Then I remembered that a number of pastors I know of started as worship leaders before becoming preachers.

My question is: what are the other ministries worship musicians and leaders tend to get involved in? In your own life, have you ever been involved with the worship ministry and something else at the same time?

I'm looking for common patterns. :)

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Well, for me it's always been missions and worship, especially coming from a C&MA church, seems like everyone was involved in some way with missions LOL :-D

However, lately I've been starting to pray about the teens and their worship. I'd love to work with them, teach them what worship is really about, and get them a solid foundation to build upon as they come into their own faiths...

So, perhaps it's still missions, but with a church focus, instead of a global one :)
Based on your definition, everything is missions... :)

The worship-teaching path is a common one I've seen. Many start with worship ministry, and soon add on teaching, whether small kids or Bible studies (or churches, as a pastor).

I wrote a blog post about it here - http://jvworship.blogspot.com/2006/10/teach-and-admonish.html

Let me know what you think of it, Chris!
wow junjie...that is pretty much the path I went down to come to the same conclusion, with perhaps a few detours but the same end LOL...God just continues to amaze me :)

My "slap in the face" wasn't from Romans 15, but from Romans 8:28 about the very same thing

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

For me...that verse said "hey, don't be afraid...if you do something wrong, I'll correct you, and it will make you stronger"...That gave me the confidence to step out and start teaching, because I was a bit intimidated by that passage in James that says "Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly." Eep! what if I mess up?

God taught me even if I do mess up, He'll use it for my good, and that was a relief (being the perfectionist I am)

And yes you're right...everything is missions...except I was head of the missions committee, really trying to teach the congregation what missions was all about, planning visits, dinners, getting housing for visiting missionaries, then serving on the worship team at the same time which was going through a transitional phase, AND doing a weekly service at a local nursing home right after church on Sunday..., it was just too much. Once God pried the missions committee from my fingers, things got a lot smoother! :-D

I've always felt I had a gift for preaching/teaching, but in my present church, I cannot use it. I get around this a bit by sending out weekly emails with the song sets to my team and telling them what God has "put on my heart" this week :-).
I also started a blog, and I'm enjoying it so much...by putting the words down that I am feeling...and what God is teaching me at this time in my life, it's like a devotional for me, and I can go back and say "oh yeah, that's what I was feeling, and there's that scripture!" and if I bless just one person, then I am blessed :)

Peace, knowledge, and truth on your journey! :-D
From time to time I teach -- my spiritual gift. Right now, I also run the media -- happy to say we have two good pros and a good bunch of volunteers so I do nothing on Sunday except turn cameras on. Also, heading Fine Arts Academy. And A Partridge In A Pear Tree.
I do media at our church too - although it's not as complex as yours by the sound of it - radio mics on and off and projector words.... occaisionally mixing the band, if they've not set their own levels.

The other thing I'm involved with is running a graphic design ministry/resource for churches. Does that count?
In the past, (earlier years) being in a smaller church, I was the worship leader, youth pastor, usher, intercessor, janitor and anything else that was missing at the moment.
Now, still with the music ministry, I am also a teacher of the Word. I don't get to do it much from the pulpit but I still get to do it. But we have a once a week cell group ministry and I teach a lot there.
I'm also involved in a once a month nursing home ministry that we do. I play music for the elderly and visit.
I also have a stand up comic ministry that I created (by default). I play this real dumb Cajun character called "Byawk". Byawk is a slang word for "stupid". I write song parodies or just write my own stuff, tell jokes, which are really stories about me. I am the joke. Thank God I don't have to do this a lot except during Christmas holidays I usually do a lot of church banquets. There's a lot of pressure to come up with new material.
Since I had a disabling surgery a few years back and don't have a "real job", my biggest ministry is staying home and taking care of my 84 year old mother. She 99 1/2 % blind and on dialysis 3 times a week. She's a handful but as long as I'm able to take care of her, she won't be staying in a nursing home.
OK that's enough for this week.
Every one seems to be a teacher. :) Is it because we are so used to communicating in one way (teaching or music) that to switch over to the other is easy and natural to do?

And judging from the replies so far, we wear quite a number of hats in church at the same time. We seem to just see the need to serve in some way and step up for it. How many of you entered the worship ministry in that way? (As opposed to hearing a voice from heaven saying "Thus sayeth the Lord... Join the worship ministry!")
While I think it's cool that we're all mutil-faceted super-talented majorly-gifted-and-blessed people :) I think it's also important to note that in a lot of churches there seems to be a situation where the majority of the roles are shared across a minority of people, which can lead to people getting over-burdened, or burnt-out. Do you think there's a danger of that in your churches? Do you know how to avoid it?

Just a thought.

Personally, I believe it's because too many people make ministry too difficult. Often there's loads of condemnation and guilt: we're made to feel guilty if we don't serve, we feel guilty if we do serve but with the 'wrong' motivations, we feel guilty if we think we are doing a really good job (isn't that pride?) we feel guilty if we aren't, we feel guilty if we are but we haven't balanced that with other aspects of life (like job, family and personal devotional life, etc.)

Not saying that it's the case with most churches, but where I DO see this phenomenon, I also see too much work done by too few people. And when these people burn out, they feel... guilty!
For me junjie, I first joined the music ministry because I loved music, was decent at it, and felt it was a way I could serve the Lord. As I progressed in my spiritual journey, I realized it was a place that God wanted me to be.

I used to feel guilty, but as I travelled the path God made for me (with a few detours LOL), I learned that was just the enemy trying to trip me up...There is nothing wrong with feeling good about something you have done for the Lord - I find it more like rejoicing than pride...If we remember our priorities, then we learn to balance our lives...It took God giving me a good poke before I realized that one :-D...I also do not hesitate to say "no" now if after prayer and contemplation, I don't feel like that is something God wants me to do.

And Kieran, you are right - it usually is the minority of people doing the majority of work and I think it's one of the biggest problems in churches today. I'm not quite sure how to avoid it...perhaps it ties in with people being discouraged in ministry rather than encouraged, or from people who haven't yet learned where their priorities lie, and want to be the one with "all the toys", doing some ministries for the wrong reasons, or people hesitant to step up for the very reasons junjie mentioned.

The thing is, people need to have faith. Faith that God WILL step up and have someone else fill their shoes, and they are not indispensable in their particular ministry.
Yeah, didn't the Bible say in 1 Tim 1 somewhere that God's work is by faith? If so, then we should reject any paradigm of worship or service that depletes our faith rather than strengthens it. :)
I'm a small group leader/Bible teacher. I can see myself on the worship leader-to-preacher path. Of course, I'm also a youth volunteer.


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