Just wondering if this networking site is fizzling out a bit. I was so excited by all the activity and conversation that was going on and then I didn't see any movement for a few weeks now. What's up with that?
We need to remember to build up one another and edify each other to grow stronger in the Lord!
Let's not let this thing fizzle out.

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I agree. This is a very good and useful site. I try to check in often.
For some reason, the forum doesn't seem to be well utilized, even though there are a lot of people that joined.

I think it takes time to adjust, we all just need to keep plugging :)
It does feel a little strange to me to talk about this. It's kinda like a couple talking about their marriage instead of specific issues within their marriage...

As long as we bring up our questions and aren't shy to share our thoughts, I think this site is fulfilling it's purpose. Let's not end up doing a lot and getting little done... :) My thoughts, for what they're worth.
It's an ebb and flow thing. Plus, people get really busy in summer, with kids out of school and stuff. I'm guilty! (Except mine's not off school during summers yet)

Also wonder if people are inundated with facebook, tee bee dee or whatever its called, other worship leader sites, indieheaven, myspace... how on earth to manage all the sites!

I love this WTR site, though, and hope people keep up with it. Been really fun meeting people. You included!

Hi Diane,

Yep I agree - Summer seems to slow everything down! I'm confident things will pick up again in September. Of course you guys can keep things ticking along by starting new discussions in the forum and adding photos / videos / events etc... :-)

God bless,

I recently got videos of myself recorded during church service. Wasn't doing any original songs, just lots of oldie stuff MY way (which Phil can testify I think is the BEST way). Actually thought of uploading those, but I think it's safer to stay clear of copyright tangles...

Just so you know, I spent a lot of time recently trying to find out how do the publishing companies handle licensing for songs put up on websites. I asked because I wanted to pay the licensing for that privilege. In the end they told me they don't have any licensing arrangements for that at all. You'll think they would be glad to pick up the extra change left on the table. :)
I think it's more of the, 'back-to-school', 'dog-days-of-summer' blues more than anything. This will pick up, I'm sure.
In His Grasp,


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