For those of you who have been kept in the loop about the 'healer' scandal, how many of you would still continue using that song in your own church worship? How many of you who loved the song would stop using it?

And why? :)

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A worship leader friend of my was planning to start using it, but now he's not. Unfortunately the song is tainted because it was a key part of a deliberate, 2-year-long deception. That doesn't make the message of the song untrue, but I think it will be associated in people's minds for a long time, with the shame that Mike G. brought on the body of Christ worldwide. I also suspect that Hillsong will be dropping it from future pressings of the cd and dvd. They've already eliminated it from the track listing on their website.
I think that's a key issue, the fact that the deception is deliberate. And I agree with you, the problem is not that of the song itself, but that of the association in people's minds. *sigh*
I've never heard the song, so in a way, I feel I'm looking at this from the outside. From reading a story at,25197,24232365-5006787... I really feel that saying it's a deliberate thing is maybe being too harsh.

The thing I've just latched on to is that while he didn't have cancer, it was a symptom of a different illness. The article says he's being evaluated for psychiatric illness, so even if it was premeditated, was it really 'deliberate'? If he's suffering from a mental illness which affects his judgement, is it something to make him a scapegoat for? Is it our place to?

Doesn't that make the song all the more profound? We don;t know, and never will know, excatly what's been on his mind, especially while he was writing the song. Was he writing it about his 'cancer', or was he writing more from a knowledge that he was suffering from a mental illness which led to the cancer claims? Who knows.

For me, rather than focussing on the lie as negating the worth of the song, the whole situation seems to highlight all the more the need the song expresses.

Just my £0.02.
You can't get much more deliberate than perpetuating his original lie that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer by telling people how the disease was progressing into different organs of his body, by wearing oxygen tubes while performing the song, going to 'doctor visits' alone so that he could hang around in waiting rooms pretending that he had been to treatment, accepting donations for his cancer battle, and so on, for 2 years, deceiving his wife and parents, not to mention hundreds of thousands of people via YouTube. Plus, he apparently made claims of being healed of numerous ailments related to the cancer, such as broken bones. If this isn't deliberate, than what does the word even mean?

Regardless of what other mental & physical issues he has going on, he perpetrated a huge scam that most people would be incapable of suceeding with. I mean really, how many of us would be able to convince our spouse that we had terminal cancer for two years (and isn't it odd that his wife never accompanied him to any of his cancer treatments?).

What makes me sad is that this will be one more thing to make people write off Christianity as worthless. Plus, I feel bad for sick people who were encouraged by his testimony, only to have to hear this now.

It's going to be really tough for Mike G to get past this because it is such a high profile story. Both he and his wife will need a lot of prayer and people to come alongside them. God is big enough to handle it though.
I read the article but would really like more information about this. I know that this guy has written many other great songs as well. Here is a guy with a great gift from God and yet fighting a battle in his flesh and mind and maybe some "mental illness" that was able to destroy his credibility as a "man of God". The fact is, he is just a "man" who needed a Saviour. I know people in church who have problems and a really great people who love God but fail in more obvious reasons than others. I've been a counselor for years and the stories that good people have told me in confindence were mind boggling. My wife and I would literally have to fight depression just counseling people with problems. It seems that this guy was in a high position of the public and the guilt he was going through was destroying him. If this is all true, hopefully he'll be surrounded by loving, understanding people and he can be totally restored. I'd have to commend him for stepping up and admitting to it before someone else exposed him.
I'm sure he's going to be put through the wringer for his sin by man. May the mercy of God sustain him through it. Not a good place to be. I'm really saddened by it all.
Halleluijah! Finally a mature Christian response to this sad situation. I think God is drawing a line in the sand of our hearts to see how we respond to brothers and sisters in need. Christ himself said that we would be known by our love for one another. Also, we are using this song. The authors sin doesn't nullify the fact that God is our healer. Brother, it's no wonder your music is filled with God's anointing!
yeah i 100 % agree with you . i myself have gone through some bad habits or watching wrong things which is not right in sight of God . its been a great struggle and i am fighting it . I am sure it is not easy to come out like this and confess it . thats what God does he brings true repentance in our lives and thats what King David did ..
The rest of the questions about the man is something I am sure we will have to continue to ponder for a long time, because the entire event is a stern warning to us on so many levels, I think I'll still be pondering it for years. And, at the risk of sounding like a lecturer, we need to ponder this. Because even if we are not tempted in our lives, we cannot tell if people we mentor or train will not be placed in the same position of temptation.

And God may use us to bring restoration to people who have fallen in this area. There may be more people who will be exposed in the future, it is good for us to be prepared.

Grace-based responses from everyone. Thanks! :)
yeah !! may we walk in His sight
There are so many thinngs that could be said about this.

What would Jesus say "let him amounst you who is without sin cast the first stone"?

and what about David, do we concider that the writings of King David are any less becase of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and the subsequent murder of her husband... So many well respected people im the Bible have failed big time.

"no lord I will never deny you" said Peter.... well well well... and then "On you will I build my church.

If the song blesses people and gives glory to God what right do any of us have to cast jugments on the song or on Mike?

That is Gods job.. isn't it...

I have been free from a Porn addiction of 29 years since 22 Ocotber 2007 "Thank you Jesus"... I know the condemnation, guilt and the unending pain that Mike was goin through.. some how he thought that this fabrication would set hime free??? dunno

but I do know the pain he has been in.. and I know the way people look at you when they know that you have struggled with Porn or other seen issues...

As I said right at the start "let him amounst you who is without sin cast the first stone"
You have a very good point about the songs of King David, in fact, we can argue that his songs grew more 'human' because of his failure (Psalm 51 being the best example). I have wondered how did the Levites look at David after he was found out. I can imagine how he felt the next time he walked up to lead worship...
yeah i like it


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