For those of you who have been kept in the loop about the 'healer' scandal, how many of you would still continue using that song in your own church worship? How many of you who loved the song would stop using it?

And why? :)

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It can be an entire topic by itself, whether worship ministry people are more prone to mental illness or tends to attract such people. Anyone want to start a discussion on that?

Or do you want to say that we ALL have mental problems, in that our minds are not totally renewed to be like the mind of Christ yet? :)
Hi, everyone!

I just posted more of my thoughts triggered by the 'Healer' incident on my blog here.

Sin And Restoration

Do check it out and comment on it! :)
We were planning on introducing the song this weekend. I am having second thoughts though, and that little check in my spirit is enough for me to drop it for now. There are so many great worship songs, I am sure I can find another with a similar theme.
Hey guys

So maybe i'm very behind on things, but what's the story with the song??
Hi Shezz,

Welcome to WTR by the way!

You can see the news about it here:

Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

I wonder how many worship leaders who are saying they can't use the song because the writer is a liar are secretly struggling with Internet porn themselves (probably most of them)...

I believe that he wrote the song in earnest. In his words, the song was his way of asking God to deliver him from his porn addiction. That's honesty.

I believe that God gave him the song"Healer" for THIS time in his life. I think the words mean more to the song's writer now than they did a year ago.

I'll be introducing the song in about a month. Only about 6 people in my church know Michael's story and they're all mature enough believers to focus on the song's lyrics and not its author.

However, if most of your church knows the story of Michael's struggle, it might be wise to no longer do the song. I would imagine that's it's pretty much impossible for Hillsong to ever do the song again, after the deception was perpetrated in their very midst.

What Michael did is not OK by any means but the author's righteousness cannot be the qualifier for an acceptable worship song. Kevin Prosch had moral failures. Darrell Evans had moral failures. King David had epic moral failures. We still use songs and lyrics written by all those guys because worship is about GOD not the song's AUTHOR. And thank God for that, as NONE of us are righteous enough to be worthy of even speaking the name of our Lord!

Yet he chooses to use you. He chooses to use me. And he chooses to use a song written by a porn addict who faked cancer.
This is a great call.

The statistics show that 50% YES every second Male in our Church is in Bondage to Sexual sin.. usually Pornography and that M word...

Yes that is correct 1 in every 2 Christian men is in bondage... They also believe that about 20% of women in Churches are also in bondage in the same way.

The statistics are staggering...

I am happy to say that Jesus set me free on the 22nd October 2007, after 29 years in bondage to this vile and hideous sin.. ( the worst thing was I thought I was the only one with the problem... NEWS FLASH "YOU ARE NOT ALONE",, deal with it get rid of it (Thanks you Jesus) If I did you can)

Check out to find freedom.

Also feel free to message me privately if you want...... I will not judge you. I would love to speak with those who are ready to make a change... and find FREEDOM in Jesus name..

Love in Jesus name..

Mike G. lied for the majority of his life but he's confessed to his sin against God and his fellow man. With Godly counseling he can be restored. It seems that the crux of this discussion really comes down to the question, "can God use an unclean vessel for His glory?" I believe God can. The message in the song "Healer" is not diminished because of the sin of the writer. Sin is sin, if we carry this thought to it's ultimate conclusion no worship song should be used because all have sinned and do sin and these same sinners are writing great worship music. Church history is replete with instances where God has used "unclean" vessels to further the cause of the kingdom. I'll continue to use the song because the message is holy, pure and God inspired. mike
I thank God that he brought conviction into Mike G's heart. Enough to confess the sin & begin the long process of restoration. It is clearly possible that with the high profile of this song via Hillsong, that he could have gone to any part of the world, recieved heart-felt prayer, and claimed complete healing from the bogus cancer . . . who would have known any different except for him & the Lord . . but instead, a confession of the reality of deception . . and a few other vices thrown in for good measure . . . Praise God! We could all still be none the wiser, but the Holy Spirit brought conviction of sin and began change in his life.

To answer the question . . would I use the song? . . Yes I think I would. I am a pastor as well as occasional worship leader. I know I am not perfect . . . just another sinner who is wonderfully saved by the most Gracious and compassinate God I serve. . . BUT . . would I record the song? No. I don't think it would be appropriate to be paying royalties for Mike G's personal finacial gain out of this. (I guess one of the reasons Soul Survivor has decided not to use the song on this years recording. ) Having just said that I've realised that there would be some royalties paid for CCL rights in UK churches if the song is listed in the annual return. I am not aware of such a system of licensing in Belgium where I am currently ministering, so I do not have that dilemma. Of course he stands to make a good sum from worldwide Hillsong sales . . . it would be interesting if he would be willing to divert his gains into someting like cancer research . . .
I sincerely hope that Mike G. is experiencing genuine conviction and not condemnation. When I watched the video, I suspects he hates himself so much at the time of the filming that he feels really getting cancer would be a fitting punishment.

I do agree with you, Steve, that he did a very brave and good thing in coming clean. As you said, he could have hidden the whole thing. Who would have been the wiser? Even in light of his recent moral failure I wonder if my contributions to the body of Christ would ever get anywhere near his in the light of eternity.
Our church is still using the song.
Sometimes the Lord works IN SPITE OF us. The song is anointed and I refuse to stop using a powerful song just because the vessel was cracked.
I did not get a chance to read everything that everyone said, but our church only did this song about 3 weeks ago, and fortunately none of the people on my team or in my church ever heard of the situation that surrounds the song. I found out about it only a day before we sang it at the church. Let's remember, that most of the people in our churches do not hear about things in the leadership of the worship circle as we do, and lets not blow things out of proportion, but listen to the Lord.

As we were going to church that morning it was snowing, and for two Sunday's in a row when we sang that song it had snowed while were were going to church. But that particular morning I told my husband that I wanted to share something about the song that I had learned, but I told him that I would share it with him without the kids in the car and after the service that morning. And like some of you, I did not want him to relate that song with the negative things and the writer of that song. But as we were driving in the car, I was looking at the snow, and the Holy Spirit was talking to me about purity, and how God can wash every sin and purify and refine us in the fire of life.

When we sang that song we had prepared it for our healing service, and I will tell you that God moved so mightily, I had to ask the Lord for strength and for Him to keep my mind clear of all negativity, and people in our service were healed and it was one of the most powerful services that we had to date.

So as I will say, I came to the worship team and told them what I knew about the song, and what I felt like the Lord was saying to me is that no matter whether he faked things or not, that is not for us to judge him, but there are things in his life were he himself is searching and needing healing for in other areas, and even though the there were lies that were attached to this case, we all have things in our life that are so deep that we need healing from, and for us to judge another person that is searching, and so deep in sin where he did not see away out, but knew that he needed Jesus to be his healer, there is something to be said about that. He wrote these words that came from the deep of the deep of his heart and conveying that even though he has sin of his own, that he still calls Jesus as his healer.

Well for me that brings hope to hopeless situations. In the joys of this life the Lord brings us songs of Praise, and out of the painful times in our lives God can give us songs of hope, and in times of sin and disobedience God can give us songs of forgiveness and reconciliation. And if we put every leader under a microscope we would see that we are not all as we say we are or look as we say we are.

God can still use this song in times of trial, and who knows, you maybe the next person to receive healing as a result of someone else's words or songs that we do not know the details about!

So, let us be patient to see how God uses this man and heals the many lives that were distrot over his deceit of the situation, and not look for the judgment that he will receive, because we all know that we are accountable for the things that we say and do. But lay in waiting for the miraculous that God can do for this man through his own song that God gave to him, in a prophetic way.

It is easier for us to tear someone down, but the best thing that you could ever do as a leader is be like Jesus and take someone from the pit that they lay in, and pull them out and help them come to a real repentance and give them the strength and encouragement that they will need to begin to get back on track so that they can share how God used someone to pull them out of where they have been into the place where there is hope, repentance and forgiveness for all who are willing to ask.

God is awesome!


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