For those of you who have been kept in the loop about the 'healer' scandal, how many of you would still continue using that song in your own church worship? How many of you who loved the song would stop using it?

And why? :)

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This is really the season to show the people of the world that we truly love sinners, even if they come from our own people...
I dont believe I would. The reason I know that is because our own church was affected in a similar way. Our former worship leader was very well-loved, talented, and anointed, and had written some very awesome songs that our church sang regularly. Unfortunately, it all went to his head and he had several affairs and left his wife and child, and the church. I tried to revive one the songs, but the people are all so saddened by what has happened with him that his songs only have a negative effect now. They were and still are GREAT songs, but the memories that come with them are a bit too much right now. I pray that someday he repents, and that God restores him. Then we will be able to sing those songs and mean it. But for now.......we will continue to pray for him.... and the songs are not used. I pray the same for Mike G........after all, our Redeemer lives, and he is in the business of restoration for those who have been washed clean by His blood, and have a heart that follows after Him!
Thanks for this topic, Junjie!! I have been debating whether or not to introduce this song and this debate has been helpful for me to move closer to a decision.
I am lucky because our church is atypical in that we have a lot of pre-Christians and our Christians are really not stereotypical. To be blunt, we sometimes call ourselves the Island of Misfit Toys! We don't have anyone that I know of who stood in line to get the latest Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, or Third Day release and I highly doubt if a single person in the congregation knows the story behind "Healer" (or even if anyone in the church has heard the song period). In that way, I feel much more free to use it b/c I don't think it would be a distraction for anyone. And I have known about the scandal long enough for my own distraction to have disappeared. So I think we might use it in the near future.
The people who refuse to sing it are making it seem as if Mike G is singing the song through them.

You hold my every moment
You calm the raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease
I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible for You
You hold my world in Your hands

Sounds like worthy lyrics to me--- sometimes even the worst of sinners speak the truth of God in spite of themselves.
My faith doesn't rest on this man. Maybe he is a fallen pastor, but, who am I to judge him..the song? it belongs to Jesus. Not Mike G. That song should be sung to worship, why would I stop using it..
we are using this song. because its anointed. Lyrics and the melody is great.
and its a song of "believing in Jesus" and Proclaiming healing through Jesus Christ.
I'm also disappointed about Mike G.s fake. but I still love the Song:)
Well I stopped for a while out of shock but now I use it again...

It's one of those tunes I find myself humming, beautiful, simple melody.and the lyrics are true and powerful.
I also think it's a great reminder for us to check for hypocrisy in our own lives before we take the stage.
I find myself thinking about Mike and praying for him and praying that God would reveal sin in each and every one of us...
The song was on the list for us to learn and introduce, but we have taken the decision not to do it now. What the author and those around him are going through must be more than horrendous and I feel for the whole family and all those affected.

However, our first responsibilty as a team is to lead our congregation into God's presence and to encourage praise and worship to our Holy God, if thoughts are turned from Him because of a notorious song, then I wouldn't want to be the one responsible - I'm not going to assume that only a few would know, and I wouldn't want to incite gossip either. I just want to pick songs which glorify God without the possibility of disagreements arising or distraction or anything like that - we just want to worship God really, and there's loads of songs about which address the Healing power of God.

It's a very sad situation
For me.....My Pastors wanted the song removed from our song first i couldn't understand be honest it frustrated me quite a

but here is my is not my job to question my is my job to honour is Holy Spirits job to convict people if they are wrong.....

im not saying my pastors are wrong....please dont think i am.....

for me..... to be totally honest.....i was really disapointed with the way the Church (body of Christ) handled it....they did what we all do...hahaha.... every now and tend to catorgarize sin......

getting upset because he lied for two years about the fact that he had a terminal illness....big woop is what i say.....was it wrong.....YES......but it is no worse than someone who lies is no worse than someone who lusts. it is no worse than someone who murders......ALL SINS ARE EQUAL.....and the Church missed that point in their response to the situation....

the more i think about it the more i feel his song was a cry to God.....speaking out God's Word in the fact of the real issue he was dealing with not the mask he was using....
I am just hearing about this now and my opinion is that the man may not have had literal cancer but he has a cancer of a different sort. He has mental illness which I am very familiar with my mother and my daughter suffer from forms of it. One of my favorite scriptures is "judge not lest ye be judged"
I don't know the song you are referring to so I would have to say that if I came across it and it was a good song and had the message that I was trying to get across in it, I would use it.
I think we should be praying for this man above all else.
Tricia makes a great point, if the song would be a stumbling block to the congregation, then it shouldn't be used but if it is not a familiar story to your congregation, like the situation that Val wrote about, then I see no reason not to use the song and I will say again, this man is very sick indeed and needs our prayers not our condemnation. Timothy said it clearly sin is sin and I am sure that just about every worship songwriter is guilty of sin, make that every worship songwriter so we should stop singing these songs altogether if we are using that as a gauge of whether a song is fit for use or not. I have to confess my sins every time I step up to lead worship because it seems, like Paul, I try to do the good I want to do but find myself still doing the wrong things that I don't want to do. If we are honest with ourselves we will all fall into that category to one degree or another and as Timothy said, sin is sin. It doesn't matter if you hang a man six feet off the ground or six inches off the ground the effect is the same - hung!
I have been on and off using this song. I want too and then I don't. Probably will at sometime.
I'll pose another question. Do you use any Ray Boltz songs? He says that he has been gay
his entire life. You can't tell me his music isn't anionted. I believe "Healer" is anointed. It's just
getting past the situation.
Do we really know the lifestyle of anyone who writes music. Just because someone claims to be
a Christian, doesn't mean they are one.
As long as you have the Holy Spirit's direction when planning your worship set you shouldn't have
any problems. Have a great day.


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