For those of you who have been kept in the loop about the 'healer' scandal, how many of you would still continue using that song in your own church worship? How many of you who loved the song would stop using it?

And why? :)

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In my opinion, I would still use this song despite the "tainted" stigma that many are attatching to it. The question i must ask myself is "Who inspired this song?" the answer is quite obvious to me. God. Here we have a man who lied to hundreds of thousands of people, intentionally deceiving many devout worshipers and creating a facade of lies to cover his own inadequacies and struggles. I may sound overly optimistic in saying this, but when I take a step back from it all and see that God's inspiration to a man deep in sin to bring about one of the more beautiful worship song i have heard in a while, I can't help myself but to think of God's glory in showing that he can use the worst of sinners. Even despite satan's best efforts to diminish and taint the reputation of this powerful worship song, God is still being glorified..

and we know that this man can now truly know and experience exactly what God meant when he gave him this song... That God is now his healer, just like how God heals each and every one of us from our sins on a daily basis by his blood... Paul says he was the chief of sinners.. David committed a sin so great that if it was to happen today to any pastor, the whole world would turn on him... God healed David and saved Paul.. Let's focus on his glory!!
I haven't really read any of the threads on this comment, but I don't think that the background or means through which this song came about have any baring on the impact and truth of the words used and the way in which God has used these words to touch and bless many many people. Who can deny the truths of the words "I believe that you're my healer" or "Nothing is Impossible for You"...we all know this to be true of our beautiful Saviour. And Mike needed God's healing, He knew why he was writing these words and I still believe that they were written from a heart desperate to see God at work, healing him from his "hidden" illness.

David was a murderer and deceiver yet we read his words from Psalm daily and use them in our worship - please please show grace to a man who made a mistake, none of us are infallible. God loves Mike and has used him to speak to so many through the words of his songs.

As Paul says in Philippians 1:18.."...whether or not their motives are pure, the fact remains that the message about Christ is being preached, so i rejoice."

God has used this song to remind me of how awesome He is...I really pray that others will continue to see this too.

When I'm picking the songs for a service I look primarily at the message, not the composer. I would not hesitate to use "Healer" if it fit with the theme. The message of the song is so great that it would be a shame to lose it because the composer was all to human; just like me. I loved this song before the scandal and I love it now.
I'd use it. The song has personal meaning and longing for ME. It's because of a physical condition I have that makes it all the more assuring and relevant. And I am aware of the news and scandal of Mike G. But it does not hinder me from using the song as a cry of faith to God that He's my healer and my portion. On more than one occasion I have felt God ministering to me through this song. What a comfort!

A major portion of the songs we sing in church today we do not really know the background of it. When was it written? Who wrote it? Why was it written? What's happened to the writer now? Is he dead or alive? Is he still walking with God? But we don't care much of it do we? We sing it and our soul and spirit is ministered.

As a worship leader, we believe songs can speak the mind of God, and hopefully touch and change hearts if not all, some of the congregation. If a song can potentially facilitate a divine meeting of an individual with God our creator, why forsake it?
we've never used it as our worship song but i like the song a lot and we got a dvd copy..... when i saw the video, I was really blessed and touched by the situation of Ptr. Guglielmucci, when I've heard of the scandal, can't believe at first so i check it out on the net and I got to this site... after reading... kinda think a moment of what should be my reaction. what i've thought of was we all have our faults and only God can give judgement to him... i guess all we can do is pray for this person. after all, God still loves and forgives....
...and I agree with Gail Travel, it's a powerful song... when i first heard it, it gave me goosebumps...
I just went back through some of these posts and couldn't help but notice that people who are choosing not to do the song are sometimes being judged more harshly than the guy who wrote the song. Whether you use the song or not, keep your heart pure before God and do everything for His glory. 1 Cor 10:31
A somewhat similar question is what is everyone doing with their tracks and music for Ray Boltz music. I sang with those tracks for years, I'm praying for him now and it's not my place to judge but I can't get myself to sing his songs any longer.
To be completely honest, it is one of a couple of songs written by Mike G. that I actually like. When the scandal hit the news and a couple of weeks later we heard Hillsong United's reaction to what had happened, a few thoughts came to mind:

1. We cannot ignore the deception behind the song.
2. Shunning Mike G. and his work is probably not a shining example of Christlikeness.
3. The truth in the message of the song needs to be sung.

Our church was, for the most part, in the dark regarding the fall of Mike G. His problems became a sermon illustration. I played the dvd and shared Mike's story with our congregation. The point I was making was that deep down, we are all hypocrites at some level. We are all Mike G.s The fact of the matter is that if we had a light shining on every area of our lives, we too wouldn't fair well. It was still a few months before our worship team(s) began using the song in our worship services. The song does two things for me. It reminds and reinforces the truth that God is our healer and that nothing is too difficult for Him. The deception behind the song reminds me that "there, but for the grace of God, goes I," that we need to lift Mike G. up in prayer that he gets the help he needs, that the Body of Christ would gently restore him.
Do you think someone could forgive and still choose not to do the song?
Speaking from a worshippers experience:

Recently, I was at a marriage conference. I knew the story behind the song. I also know we're all sinners in need of healing.

A "famous" worship leader you would all know led the music that day, and sang Healer. Try as I might, I could not sing the song without the story constantly in my head. I was NOT drawn into worship. The question, "I wonder who's getting the CCLI royalty for this?" bothered me throughout.

I won't be leading it, unless this toilet is somehow turned into a testimony that gets just as much publicity as the toilet. There are plenty of other songs on healing!


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