For those of you who have been kept in the loop about the 'healer' scandal, how many of you would still continue using that song in your own church worship? How many of you who loved the song would stop using it?

And why? :)

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What sort of scandal was there from the song? It seems like such a great song?
Simply put, Mike G claimed to have cancer, and that inspired the song. But he didn't have cancer. He was faking it. Then he confessed to the deception. That's the scandal. :)
If you search around, you'll see an interview or two with Mike and plenty of spin on what happened. I'm actually kind of shocked that I'm finding no articles that are salacious or racy, just that he put on a deception for a while and it ate at his conscience until he confessed. I would have expected more anti-Christian cynicism. I also think Mike is genuinely sorry and wants to change. He needs a lot of help. Lot's of good, old-fashioned, professional, merciful and firm help.
Need more anti-christian cynicism? I have plenty of it. People who deceive need more than serious help, they need the true living Christ in their life. Let Him judge them. I know that He is merciful to many, but he is angry with the wicked every day.
Leading a deceiver/deceived person to or back to the living Christ is the goal of those who offer truly serious help. Now there are those who offer less (soothing words or analysis), but such efforts generally end in failure because they sidestep the matter of, as you put it so well, "letting Christ judge them."

There are times (the woman caught in adultery, for instance, and a lame man) when Jesus forgave sins (or declined to condemn), when the person did not actually confess anything! But He knew, as He does now, their hearts. Now confession of sin with the mouth and turning from wicked behavior and thought is a pretty good indicator to us (we look at a person's change and say, "ah! he/she is a Christian now!); but since we don't see as deeply into the heart as God does, we are still surprised when people fall away, stumble, reject the church, start smoking again or behave according to the behaviors WE associate with rejecting Christ.

And those who depend on behaviors to save them judge themselves, for they will always fall short.
I agree with you to a point. The thing you have to realize is that venail sins like smoking or swearing are forgivable and pardonable.

It takes more effort to forgive outright lawlessness against the 10 Commandments.

There is a difference in how He judges.


Paul said we should judge ourselves so the world doesn't end up judging us.

Effort? It sounds like you are coming from an Aquinian point of view. EVERYTHING is forgivable. But I guess if you're in that tradition, there is a whole different approach to biblical authority and salvation.
"they need the true living Christ in their life."

Everybody, whether they practice deception or not needs Christ in their lives.

"I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need"
I'm just sayin, I expected the backlash and spin to be a bit more viscous. But Mike seems like a sincere believer, so I don't assume that he needs eternal life so much as a lot of help from God. He's messed up, but a messed up believer.
Mike G. is a sinner just like David was a sinner. Yet we still sing many psalms. Paul makes it clear in Philippians that motives are irrelevant when it comes to the preaching of the Gospel:

Philippians 1:18 (NIV):

"The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice."

So while the song was written with false intent, it does do a fantastic job of delivering an important truth. And while there might be a lot of songs out there that say the same thing, none of them do it the way that healer does.

For our church, we do it. We actually brought it in the week after the scandal broke. I believe that this song is especially important for the people in our neighborhood to hear.
Revelation Song is so incredibly inspirational! I Love it! May the Lord bless Kari Jobe.
In our neck of the woods, the history of the song wasn't well known. So I used it. For our congregation especially, it was wonderful.


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