we're finishing a two week series about the cross
any good song ideas?

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Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle is a great modern worship tune about the effects of the cross
also The Wonderful Cross (Passion? I think)

both good songs
thanks john
How about Matt Redman's "Once Again" - That's a beautiful song about the cross...

Terry and Randy Butler's "At the Cross" is another good one...

Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman's "The Wonderful Cross" is a contemporized version of the old hymn, and it's pretty good.
"Beneath the Cross of Jesus" (no, not the traditional hymn) by Keith & Kristyn Getty and "The Power of the Cross" by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend. Keith is gaining a name for writing new hymns for the church and these 2 can easily be done as solos or congregational music.
ill check out keith getty
i just checked out getty...didn't know they wrote "in christ alone"
really excited to use vicky beeching's stuff too
thanks guys
Maybe 'At the Cross' (Phatfish) as a reflective song (perhaps during a time of ministry); I've used it once or twice and its very powerful ...
One great song about the cross is called "I believe in a hill called mount calvary" It is sung by the Gaither Vocal Band. We also sing it but in spanish. This is a great song about the cross.

Recommend you "At The Cross" by Hillsong. Powerful song
See link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOY0mjjmx8Y

ok, this may be a late response...but HEY! I just joined tonight! lol!
Here's an oldie but goodie, ..... although there are quite a few great songs found on "The Cross" From the "Why we worship" series of Vineyard.... my personal fave that always moves me is the song "Tears"- by Sheri Keller
would be an AWESOME remake!


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