I thought it would be helpful and fun to share what in our lives really draws us to worship God more? What is it that makes us go - "WOW - God you are good!"?

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One of the things that really draws me to God and makes me stand in awe of Him is creation. When I see a beautiful mountain or landscape or the bright blue sea!
There are number of things that cause me regualrly to say "Wow - God is good". Each time I think about my home I do this. In the normal rrun of things we could never have hoped to own a house so suited to our needs. Another thing is when God shows up in such a special way like He did during our church worship on Sunday. We didn't really do anything different but somehow God breathed on us in a special new way - "Wow". The ohter thing has been when friends share with me how God has worked in their lives -"Wow" God is good!
What draws me to worship God is knowing how much he loves me. :D
Often it has been creation (I think you would know that Phil as you know me!). When one is busy it's not always easy to get out to see his Creation. I am just trying to think of that verse "When I consider the works of your hands ...what is man that you are mindful of him..." Creation is a work of His hands. When we look at the bio-diversity of life that there is it's incredibly rich and varied the colour, even sometimes the lack of it, the humour, the lack of it, the shapes, the voice and so on. One cannot help but wonder. It's not only in creatures and in plants but just look at the sky sometimes; the clouds, the stars, the light. I would say open up our eyes Lord to see more of your wonders. Now this is where I've so often said Wow or sometimes I've not been able to say anything. It's good to remember though that as we have a relationship with him and he with us that he's our Father and that our Creator God is our Dad and it get's OH so wondrously wonderfully awesome to think that we're on his side - My Dad made that....!!
I don't think of myself as drawn to worship but called to worship. No one draws near the Father unless the Father draws near to you.
It's more like I haven't any other choice to make, I was created in His image and created to worship Him so I do. I't like a no brainer for me.
Many things like the awesomeness of creation certainly astound me and draws my attention to God. Yet as Bizzy has said, we are called to worship and I think the WOW moments are when God draws near and I am overwhelmed by His nature and character. There is always something new to learn about God and it's such a rush when He opens up His word and shows something new or I see some fresh aspect of God, His Love and His work.
His Grace and his Mercy, I believe that worship is a response to his Grace and mercy
I too am drawn to worship by God's love and His grace. When I think of how much He loves me and how His grace covers me and sustains me, the worship just begins to rise from within.
Just knowing he cares for me, even when I fall down.


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