What's the most embarassing thing that has happened to you...

I was thinking it would be fun to hear how we have embarassed ourselves when leading worship or playing in our worship teams. Did you fall over on "stage" or forget to turn your guitar on..

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err..I think mine is starting on the wrong note....and worse still, wrong SONG!!
Yep i've started on the wrong note a few times too!

I've started on the wrong song enough times that it was no longer embarrassing.


uhm...mine would have to be a wedding I did. I am an ordained minister so I can marry couples. I have only done one wedding, but when I sat down at the reception, I realized that I had done the whole wedding.......with my pants unzipped. I don't think anyone noticed, if they did they at least didn't mention it to me. Thank the Lord. : )

I came down to the altar from my music perch for Communion, in that "condition."  The man who noticed it and helped me become aware, unfortunately, had an artificial larynx so there was no way he could speak softly!

As long as we're in this territory, I'll recount a self-inflicted "embarrassment" -- the most heroic thing I have ever done in my ENTIRE life!  An evangelist had just finished ministering; he was dealing with an intestinal cancer himself, and as he sat down he ripped a loud one -  brrrrrrump! with a little squeal at the end.  He was absolutely stone-faced; but sensing that someone had to take responsibility, I hunched my shoulders and gave a little embarrassed look; a few people caught my eye, and I went home proud that I had taken one for my friend.

I'm a new member here at Worship The Rock, so what better way to start off...

A long time ago, when I first started leading worship, I was praying at the end of a worship set just before the message. Well, I must have been rambling on auto pilot, or nervous, or something, because at the end of the prayer I told God to 'have a good day.' Yep! Lord we worship you, you alone are worthy, and we hope you have a good day.

It felt like the temperature rose and I immediately began to sweat. All I could think of was to say Amen and get the heck out of there... which I did. Exit, stage left, hurry even!

Oh well, I'm sure that even God appreciates being wished a good day every now and again.
There you have it.
Lol - excellent! I like that one :-) Nothing wrong with wishing God a nice day!
thats funny.
Well, its always fun to tell about others right? There are 3 of us that lead worship at our church and one of them also plays accoustic guitar. So, playing through a song, and a string breaks.... and after that song, he apologizes as he wants to put a new string in and before he even knew what he had said, he says.... "sorry folks, I broke my g-string, but we should still be able to move forward" or something to that effect. The congregation breaks out laughing.... he figured out what he had said pretty quick... and recovered well.

lol..this blog is cracking me up tonight!
Well, I was starting off worship with a small anecdote - it was superbowl season, and I had a sticker of a cross I was going to put on my football cap to show who I was *really* rooting for and cheering for...umm...went through my little spiel, put the cross on the cap and said my lines...and I noticed some of the congregation was looking at me funny. Err...I had put the cross on my cap...UPSIDE DOWN and here I was talking merrily about who I *really* worship LOL I bet God was up in heaven getting a big chuckle out of that one!
hmm....starting the song *without* the capo?........stopping the band 4 bars in because we we're heading for a train wreck, with "Wo,wo,wo......that was ugly.....how bout we try it again?"................breaking a string.....breaking a string......breaking a string............starting the wrong song, with everyone else on the *right* one?...............at least I'm to the point now where it doesn't matter *what* happens............we'll get through it with a smile.............................


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