I've recently noticed that all my picks are a bit rounded and don't sound as good as they used to. How often should I replace my pick? Not sure the best way to measure this...is it by hours or weeks or months?

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I use my nails!
They sort of replace themselves!!!!!

David Bull.

Hahaha Like it....

Gift from God.. You don't have to spend money on that....

LOL David!!!
See now I'll use my nails when need be... but really my problem isnt having to replace them because they wear out... my problem is they get eaten or something! lol!
I'm constantly loosing them. But you can pretty much bet that when doing laundry we will find one or two in the bottom of the dryer...lol!
I use a med. thickness that seem to last a long time as long as I have them in sight and havent chewed on them. (yes I'm showing my professionalism here)

I've noticed that picks(plectrums) have a tendacy to come up missing with our worship team (as well as with our musician friends). But I've found that it works out okay, because I just grab someone elses! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

btw, have you seen those picks that have the grips? I've found those work GREAT! less times of throwing picks in the floor during worship times.

In Christ,
Myself and some mates have come to the conclusion that there is a pletrum monster in that whenever we drop our picks, I'd say 70% of the time the go missing.

In regards of when to replace them, I tend to use light picks and as time goes on they tend to get better I feel cause they mold around your thumb!
Mark G
YEs lost picks must all be in the same place as all my lost socks! I like the picks with the grip on them. Much less dropping for me and I too end up using my fingers. I actually prefer to play all Paul Baloche songs like Open the eyes of my heart and any other chink a chink a songs. Paul Baloche actually used that term in a songwriters workshop I did with him once. His wife Rita accused him of writing too many chink a chink a songs!
I don't think there is a time frame.When you think it doesn't sound right, replace it. I keep several spares handy on my guitar and in my pocket so I don't have to look all over for a replacement.
I like to use the Fender 346 picks in thin and they don't wear out cause I'm always breaking them. I have a tendency to be a little heavy handed at times and it's eaiser to grab a new pick when I break one than to change a string. There is always at least 3-4 sitting on the ledge of my stand on "standby"

I usually replace mine when they break which is often during worship. I tend to get filled with the Holy Spirit and play and sing hard and then picks break etc...
i use heavy grippy picks (the ones coming in the little metal box with a big dog on the outside), which i havent had one wear out on me yet, but i have to buy new ones all the time due to the guitar pick black hole that exists somewhere in my guitar case (i havent found it yet).
I seem to be shaving my picks down lately. After a service the two edges look very worn and kind of fuzzy. I'm using Dunlop medium picks. They didn't use to do this, maybe I'm playing harder, different strings, etc. When they get too strangely shaped or the point is rounded off then I toss them. Most vanish before this point in time to that mysterious place everyone else's pick go to. I also tend to use the theory that if I buy enough picks then I will always have one anywhere I am. I just have to buy enough picks to satisfy the pick gremlin. At church I have picks scattered around my music stand, in my guitar cases, on the floor around my mic stand where they land, and other strategic places. I try to always keep a supply in my pocket which means I end up with a few in the washer, a few in the drier, some in the laundry basket, a few under the sofa where the cat puts them, a few in console of the car. The ones the cat plays with are a little easier to hold onto since they have bite indentations.

Speaking of holding onto picks, I remember one Sunday I could not hold a pick to save my life. It kept slowly rotating while I was playing until the point was headed the wrong direction and it would fly away when I tried to manipulate it back the right way without stopping. One of the youth brought me a glue stick between services, put a little on my pick, and it worked great. I thought he was nuts. He may be but his idea worked.
When it wears out!
I use a thin plecrum on the acoustic for strumming and have to change it about every 3-4 weeks. on the other hand the thicker ones I use for singe note work & on electric guitars seem to last for years if I don't lose them!
I used to play with my picks until it completely worns out. I had this especially with a pick I got from matt redman...
But finally I had to stop using it.. I still have this pick in my wallet though.. I think it's blessed or something... just kidding!!! ;)

But to get back on topic...

I now use dunlop picks 88mm and I have a couple with me all the time. So I swap them around a bit. I think you need to toss your picks out when the start getting blunt.. I notice a difference in sound, it's a bit more clearer then when I play with old and blunt picks..

Another reason why I use the dunlop picks is because these picks aren't rotating while playing the guitar... That's a big 'plus' if you ask me! ;)


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