I heard some lovely Spanish guitar being played in the High Street today. It was just amazing to listen to and has inspired me to learn to play some Spanish style music...and possibly invest in a classical guitar. Does anyone have any advice on what guitar to buy? I don't want to spend too much but would like a nice sound.

Any advice on classical guitars would be great as I only really know about steel strung acoustics...

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As I see you posted this in April, my comment may not be very useful to you.

I used to sell & repair instruments. I thought that the La Patrie (made by the same folks who manufacture the Seagull and Godin instruments in Canada) do a good job at producing an affordable instrument with a good tone. They usually have a satin finish and a solid cedar top, and it's worth checking out the ones with electronics built in if your intention is to play it out someday.

I know that they're pretty affordable here, not sure what it would be across the pond...
I have a pre martin buyout Goya that I love. :) It's a neat little guitar that's been around the horn so to speak. I used to play in a little baroque trio (flute, guitar, and cello) and did a lot of weddings with that guitar.

Mostly I would say just try and play on a few. (Just like buying any other instrument.) If you're looking at just something to get started with without spending a ton of money maybe check out yamaha. Just a thought.


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