I borrowed a cd a few years ago from a friend while I was still living in America. I played it on my computer, and was surprised to find sheet music for one of the songs, which turned out to be my absolute favorite song!- Well, I lost the sheet music in the move to Holland... dont' remember the cd title, but I THOUGHT it was one of the "One Day Live: Passion" cd's. The song is a live recording, female singer, and the first lyrics are: "When I am lost, when I am all alone..." another part of the song: "I look to the cross, where my Savior died..." Anyone know the name of the song and artist? HELP!!!

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I have been redeemed by jami smith
oh?! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!
I like this game :-)

Next question.... lol
yes, I have the next question! I can't find that version, or pretty much anything that resembles that song as I remember it. It's slow and melodic, with the standard tempo 4/4. Does anyone have the cd/or dvd with the song and sheet music included?- I live in Holland and finding it has been a ridiculous challenge. There aren't many songs that I've been able to sing and play (well), but this one was just right for my voice and easy enough to play...

I think the chords are printable from the CD but don't know about sheet music sorry.
try 1christian.net and goto rockin with the cross,our lead singer likes her because she rarely has to change keys.let me know if this helps
i was wrong the artist is wendy o'connel and i believe she is with vineyard music,i am so sorry type in her name on a search and i was able to go right to the adobe printout of the song,again sorry for the misinformation
Thank you Andrew! Yes, Greg S. advised me it was Wendy of vineyard... but I didn't find an adobe printout of the song. Greg is forwarding that to me though. You are all SO HELPFUL! Thank you all truly and I look forward to singing with all of you in our eternal Worship Party to the trinity that is Our Father, Son/Savior, Holy Spirit!!!

With Love,
Lisa a/k/a stienster
"When I Was Lost" or "I Have Been Redeemed"
Wendy O'Connell

CD = Vineyard's "Thank You For The Cross"
CD = Vineyard's "Holy"

Sheet music = "The Survivor Songbook 2", song #167

hope that helps
Thank you Fawn, and nice to 'meet' you! This is VERY helpful information! With Love, Lisa a/k/a stienster


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