I just has a thought! Careful....they don't come too often....stand back...lol. We should get some of us together from the site and write and record a song!!! I never thought of it before, but imagine; a song written and recorded across the globe! God's globe. Those of us who use GarageBand, or some other form of "home" recording software can save our files, or tracks, as MP3s and I would be more than happy to put it all together here. If someone has started an idea and are stuck, they can send me a home recording of the basic idea. I can lay down a drum track with a basic guitar or piano track. Then send it out to each of those involved to lay down their own parts (bass, piano, guitars, vox). Man, we ought to try. I don;t know if anything like this has been done before in a global worship community. Contact me if interested!

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Hey this sounds interesting - not sure i've got anything to contribute at the moment but i'm going to be watching with anticipation!
Hi Phil,
I was actually in the process of emailing someone and it just came to me. It could be pretty exciting to present to our churches a song like this. Have a great day, man.
Count me in!!! That sounds like a great idea. : )
Hi Jeff
I think it's a a great idea. How do we make it work, that is how will the process work?
I'm in. Not much of a studio musician. But I love to write music.

grace & peace... craig
This is a great idea... am interested to participate with whatever that I can. I have GarageBand and Logic Express 8.
Looking forward to it.
Great! Tell you what. Let's pray about what God wants us to come together to say to Him or about Him. If anyone has unfinished music or feels led to start some lyrics, go for it and just email me your lyrics in .doc format or basic scratch audio in mp3 format. Use my email at: jeff@jeffdavismusic.org

I think it only makes sense for those of us who will be writing lyrics to look into the theme of different cultures but one God. Different soil but one walk. That kind of thing. When we have the song written, it would really be a great moment if we could schedule the song the same weekend. For those in different time zones, we might be able to watch our individual worship services. I know in our case we have a live webcast.
I suppose if you need a piano player, I could lay something down for you. I have a degree in piano.
That's great Jonathan. What recording platform/software do you use?
Actually it is a great idea and there is a site that I recently came upon that is doing that exact thing. It's a little vague, you post a song that needs help and see if anyone takes it and does anything with it. If you want to know more let me know and I 'll search my inbox for it. In any case, I would love to collaborate. My personal songwriting well has run pretty dry lately and maybe this will help me open the flood gates.
Hiya Bizzy!
Absolutely! I would love to collaborate as well. Please send me anything you want at jeff@jeffdavismusic.org

I look forward to it and blessings to you and your family today!!!

Your Bro,
Great Idea. We've used some song's I've written in the past at my church, which were well received.
My only problem is I'm what you'd call "computer challenged" when it comes to recording music. I don't have any options for that function on my computer at the moment. I've often thought it would be cool to "get into" that. Anyway....like most song writers I've got many more *unfinished* songs that *finished*. Lots of lyric's for verses/chorus's/melodies without cohesiveness. I'll continue to monitor this site to see how it's going......


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