I just has a thought! Careful....they don't come too often....stand back...lol. We should get some of us together from the site and write and record a song!!! I never thought of it before, but imagine; a song written and recorded across the globe! God's globe. Those of us who use GarageBand, or some other form of "home" recording software can save our files, or tracks, as MP3s and I would be more than happy to put it all together here. If someone has started an idea and are stuck, they can send me a home recording of the basic idea. I can lay down a drum track with a basic guitar or piano track. Then send it out to each of those involved to lay down their own parts (bass, piano, guitars, vox). Man, we ought to try. I don;t know if anything like this has been done before in a global worship community. Contact me if interested!

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Sounds great Kevin! Fell free to shoot something our way....
Sure....I can join and play my sax. Do you already have any idea or chord progression or lyrics? We can make this happen, for the Glory of the Lord. Imagine, Christians all over the globe made 1 (one) song for Him...WOW....that's amazing.....God bless.....
Hey Jessie!
I am in the process of creating a group for this so we can all email one another more simply. Do you have access to laying down a sax track?
Sorry to reply too late,

Yes, I have an access to put a sax track in.

Just let me know when....

God bless.....
Hey! Guys, This is a gr8 idea! count me in pls...I would to send someone couple of my unfinished song..
I noticed the dates of the post, how is this going??? I would love to help as well! It already looks as though you have guitar covered, but I can offer some harmony to the mix!! :) I'm in!!! keep me informed as well!

in Christ,
I'm not sure this has actually got off the ground yet to be honest...Jeff?

Might be worth creating a group on here that people can join and post their files to...


Agree with you Phil,
starting a group might be a great kick start to those soon to come global songs :)
its great hearing everyone talk about it...but hey guys! lets put a little movement and action with that faith there ;) hehe

blessings in abundance,
Hi!Guys, this is getting interesting!I love to colloborate and I would like to send one or two of my unfinished songs to someone who'll like to listen....let me now...www.myspace.com/myiese



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