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I don't know if this topic has been touched upon already, but I was wondering how predictable it is for you all to have some kinf of spiritual attack before worship. For me, its so predictable that if it hasn't happened in the hours leading up to worship, it happens in the seconds leading up to it. Often times its emotional, but not always. A couple of weeks ago for example, I was hit with some really strong stomach cramps out of nowhere just before worship, I asked the Lord to lift them off me so that I could focus on leading, and He immediately did. Then last week, my guitar would not get into tune no matter what I tried and I spent 20 minutes trying to get it in tune (at home it had sounded perfectly fine), and so I ended up borrowing another guitar that sounded really discordant and was really hard for me to play.

This week, I was hit financially. I was preparing to print out song sheets when my computer's adapter cable connector suddenly broke, leaving me to have to rush to the store to buy a new $118 cable that I really didn't want to buy, something that would have normally really stressed me out had it not been for my prayers, and my alertness of impending issues leading up to worship.

So, in summary, its always something, and I believe its good to be alert and prayerful, and to have your friends pray in the hours or days leading up to worship as well. I have at least one friend praying for me because she has seen it happen and knows how predictable it is. The enemy just wants to use anything to keep you from leading others into the throne room, that is why we must be diligent to pray.

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I know what you mean. The enemy is so devious too, sometimes it can just be distractions or busy ness that seem to get in the way! However, I think for me I have to also be careful to not attribute enemy action when it's just me not doing my job properly.

I guess the encouragement is that if you're getting attacked it's 'cos you're on the front line and making a difference! Go for it!

All the best.

Our enemy can see what God is doing through us and his assignment is to sabotage our focus, our unity, our emotions, our health and well-being and our confidence in who we are in Christ. Every time we gather together to praise and worship the Lord and give him glory, honor and adoration our faith is being built up and consequently people are being saved, delivered, set free, restored and released from strongholds, burdens, fear, doubts and unbelief. He knows that if he can take out the leader, the rest shall be scattered and ineffective in their efforts.

The worship team is really a group of warriors for Christ, who willingly face the devil's onslought in the battleground of the spirit, so that the assembly can enter before the Throne of Grace and come boldly before our Lord and God. Every demon and strong man in your area is trying desperately to hold on to his territory, as it's gradually being recovered by the armies of Christ for God's heavenly kingdom. The enemy will leave a church alone if they are building their own kingdom instead of God's kingdom. They actually help those churches grow and prosper, because they are under the spirit of the Anti-Christ, the God of this world. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and doing God's will then you are a lighthouse in a dark and dying world. Your light can be seen for miles in the the spirit and you make an easy target for spiritual attack; therefore you must put on the armor of God so that you can take a stand against the enemy, resist him and he will flee from you. Greater is He that's in you, than he that is in this world !!!!!

Gather your team before service and pray together. If anyone is under attack, put them in the center of your prayer circle and anoint them with oil and everyone lay hands on them. Rebuke the devourer !!!! Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. You have the authority to caste out demons, heal the sick and set the captives free, so use it to cover your team, pastor, leadership and church. Declare your ground to belong to God's Heavenly Kingdom.
My Friend,
You must be really annointed for the evil one to try so hard to keep you from leading. Two things...rejoice..because you know you are doing the right thing. Second....every day you must pray......"Lord, forgive me of my sins" (be as specific as you can so no evil spirit will have a "legal right" to you) because God hears the prayers of the righteaous, then ...."Lord I COMMAND...Bind all ungodly spirits and put them in torture (to keep them busy), cut away all soul ties(breaks the dwelling on others) and throw any demons without legal right into the pit of hell...by the authority of Jesus Christ,the Son of God who died for me and who lives in me." Then immediately Invite Jesus and the Holy Spirit in to guide you for the day....then following you must ask the Lord to help you put on the 6 peices of your spiritual armour (Eph 6)and imagine God helping you put it on. According to a friend of mine who is a excorsist...this is basic Spiritual hygeine for every day. I have been doing this for a month now and things have improved significantly. Also you should annoint your home with oil that you have asked the Lord to bless...or some you can purchase.
God Bless you. I hope to read that things have improved for you. L
Interesting discussion, enjoyable reading.
I agree with the points stated, we musn't give too much credence to the powers & principalities. We must do our best in our roles as worship leaders & musicians but we must also be aware of the wiles of the enemy.
I have to confess, I don't put as much into prayer as I know I should when leading worship.
As a married man with two kids it's hard to find time for anything outside of work as my time is well and truly spoken for.
This does not 'absolve' me of my responsibility but it does make me grateful for the grace & mercy of God as He does cover over me when I fail.
Hi I am Melissa, I can relate to your story, One time I was practicing a song on my guitar and a string broke and pop me right in the eye, So I said okay and grab my other guitar and the string broke on it, well, I had one more guitar and I started to play and a string broke on it, the best part about this it was late Sat. night and the music stores were closed. Guess what
Walmart has strings not the best, but works in a pinch. So Sunday moring I was able to play. Or better yet one time I put my guitar on and the whole gutar flung up. Like someone push it up and and hit me in my eye again, this time making my eye bleed. Or my husband and I will get into a fight right before worship service, he's the bass player at our church. That's always the way it seem to go , but it just goes to show we are doing something right if the ememy gets that mad.
I think we give Satan to much credit for our own weaknesses and anxiety of performing. God is so much bigger and stronger and mightier than His fallen angels. Yes, there are instances where Satan and his army will attempt to disrupt not just the worship service, but also the rehearsal. For example, just recently we were attempting a rehearsal when the guitarist's guitar preamplifier head would not work with our sound system. This has never happened before. He changed cords, change preamps, and at least 30 minutes of the rehearsal time was lost, as was the energy of the team. The problem was never resolved. we eventually mic'd his acoustic. We all prayed about it and on Sunday everything worked normally. Now, how can anyone explain that?

But my warning is to not give Satan too much credit for our own weaknesses and inadaquacies. We work for a mighty God and must rely on Him completely in worship, in rehearsal, and for the entire week before worship, starting on Sunday afternoon.
Thanks for your comments. It is very dangerous to give the evil one more authority and power than he has. The scriptures are clear that "the one [God] who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." (1Jn. 4:4 NIV)
Too many times, well meaning Christians place satan at the center of life's woes. The fact is, we live in a fallen world and as such life is also difficult for us as believers. We are not exempt from pain and trials (Jesus, Paul, Stephen, etc), but we have a great hope in Christ. One of my favorite verse is 1 Cor 10:13!
We do have a responsibility to dive deep into God's Word and, and as you righty said, rely on Him completely, whether in corporate worship or living out our daily lives.
I agree. I believe spiritual attacks are a part of the life we lead as believers, not just as worship leaders. We feel it more because we are closer to the heart of God (being IN worship to be able TO worship). I hate it when we as worship leaders justify our failures and inadequacies as attacks, because in our weakness HE makes us strong.

Remember, secular musicians often perform badly, too. (Not to mention sports teams). It doesn't mean that they were so spiritual that they were under attack.

Of course, that said, we should always be in prayer, and constantly lift up our fellow worship leaders (everyone on the team is a leader, IMHO) in prayer. Also, whenever you feel like you're under attack, praise higher and worship deeper. LOL!
I found this to be so true. Most of the time it is concering my children. My husband has learned to step in and help smooth things out. The biggest lesson I have learned is that no matter what I need to take the time to be with God and allow Him to pour into me.
Thanks you for you note of encourangement,
I found this to be so true. Most of the time it is concering my children. My husband has learned to step in and help smooth things out. The biggest lesson I have learned is that no matter what I need to take the time to be with God and allow Him to pour into me.
Thanks you for you note of encourangement,
I have found that it is best for me to not drive in Las Vegas before I have to minister....the worst and most rude drivers in the world live here and it can really bring out the worst in most anyone....ESPECIALLY if it's right before one ministers....I pray often for God to just "translate" my body to the church that I lead worship at when I'm home (off the road), like Phillip in the Bible, but perhaps He has chosen to infuse the Fruit Of The Sprit more so in me by placing me in that car!!
Blessings to all,
I would say that there are times when I feel stressed out before leading worship due to a variety of circumstances, but this is because I haven't taken enough time with God. Trying to solve issues on our own never works. Personally, I don't believe Satan can cause equipment to break, or my guitar to malfuncton, but he certainly takes every opportunity to use my anxiety for his purposes, rather than God's.


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