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I don't know if this topic has been touched upon already, but I was wondering how predictable it is for you all to have some kinf of spiritual attack before worship. For me, its so predictable that if it hasn't happened in the hours leading up to worship, it happens in the seconds leading up to it. Often times its emotional, but not always. A couple of weeks ago for example, I was hit with some really strong stomach cramps out of nowhere just before worship, I asked the Lord to lift them off me so that I could focus on leading, and He immediately did. Then last week, my guitar would not get into tune no matter what I tried and I spent 20 minutes trying to get it in tune (at home it had sounded perfectly fine), and so I ended up borrowing another guitar that sounded really discordant and was really hard for me to play.

This week, I was hit financially. I was preparing to print out song sheets when my computer's adapter cable connector suddenly broke, leaving me to have to rush to the store to buy a new $118 cable that I really didn't want to buy, something that would have normally really stressed me out had it not been for my prayers, and my alertness of impending issues leading up to worship.

So, in summary, its always something, and I believe its good to be alert and prayerful, and to have your friends pray in the hours or days leading up to worship as well. I have at least one friend praying for me because she has seen it happen and knows how predictable it is. The enemy just wants to use anything to keep you from leading others into the throne room, that is why we must be diligent to pray.

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yea..this is such a real, terrifying thing for me too..i'm only 16 and already i have had so much attack it's insane. I lead at my school, youth group and church...at school is the worst...because there's so much breakthrough that needs to happen..with mine it's usually emotional attack..i just ocmpletely loose my desire to worship or lead or anything...so i find someone i trust to pray with me and that passion will usually come back immediately...i've been writing alot of songs lately that have been written just completely not by me..(if that makes any sense)...and whenever I go to share one of these songs of worship for the first time there is so much attack....anyways...basically...yes...i'm young...but i know what you mean...in a way i kind of find this encouraging though...because it seems that after the times of greatest attack are when God breaks through in amazing ways....thanks for posting this..it's a topic that needs to be talked about more because it's so real...
Have no fears about being young. Samuel was very young when called to be a prophet for God. David was very young when annointed to be king of Israel. It is a blessing to be young because you are not jaded by huge amounts of disappointments. Take heart, dear one. Know that the negative whispers you hear in your head are not your own. God may chide you occasionally, but He is gentle and kind, not condemning. Cast the negativity in the garbage can where it belongs and go forth. You are in a very needy mission field right now. Because you are the age you are enables you specifically to reach out to those around you. You have a special calling. It takes special bravery to do what you do. The peer pressures are tremedous. The emotions are very close to the surface. Stay the course. Wear you spiritual armour and know that He is your rear-guard. Blessings to you. L
Caroline, bless you for having the courage to stand for what God has called you to. Keep going for in time you will reap a righteous harvest. Your blessing will be maturity that will help you stand in the years ahead. When those who mock may yet live to see the day when they recognise their foolishness for what it is. Stand tall little sister and be proud of what the Lord has done in you.

God Bless

Phil H.
It can get predictable. To the point that it doesn't bug me anymore. :)

This question of spiritual attacks, by the way, is my biggest hesitation to letting pre-believers play for worship. I mean, we have the blood of Christ covering us and we don't mange well sometimes, imagine how they do WITHOUT the blood... *shudder*
We normally find ourselves under attack either by slow moving traffic on the 30 min drive to church, or by my wife and I arguing.

We also find sometimes that we get it after church as well, almost as though trying to undo what God has done that morning/evening.

We never let anything take hold though and the power of prayer usually sorts us out (we always pray as a team before it the meeting starts). Also we have a quick practice before the service and that helps as well as it focuses our eyes onto Jesus.
Yeah, I guess that's what I am getting at here. Its that we really need to make every effort to keep our eyes on Jesus, and sometimes it will take all your effort because other things will try to steal your focus, especially when you are serving Him or growing in Him.

Hebrews 12:2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2 - Thats the very verse that Chris Bowater gave us at the start of Worship Academy last year...........How God speaks through people and brings things together is just awesome.
Well you have had a fare few replies already. However I do know what you mean. We have a Christian fellowship at work and it's amazing how rush jobs come in just before the meeting. In fact we seem to have bouts of it, when it gets bad enough to provoke us to pray it through is stops, then we get sloppy about praying for the meetings and it starts again.

David Bull.


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