I'm only 46, but the last couple of years of guitar playing have revealed and aggravated some arthritis syptoms in my left thumb I hadn't noticed before. Thank you Lord for enabling me to play on Sunday when it counts! The rest of the week, when I'm practicing, I get interrupted by a stabbing pain in my thumb knuckle with increasing frequency. The whole reason I replaced the neck on my guitar was to get one that might be easier on it.

Doctor said use glucosamine and chondroitin to stave it off some and use naproxen/Aleve to prevent it from getting bad when I'm doing a lot of playing. I seem to overheat though when I use the naproxen.

So, I know there are bound to be some others who deal with this. What do you do? Other treatments? Heat or cold? Or should I just shut up and tough it out like Paul? (You gotta know he had some serious aches and pains after all of the stonigs and beatings and deprivation!)

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Plain 'ol cod liver oil' or fish oil capsules are great for joints. I used glucosamine for a while and that helped. Also putting my hands into warm to hot water for a little while also helped to ease any stiffness.

Hope thus helps

God Bless

Phil H.
Overall i'd say watch out for your health in everyway. What's your level of exposure to toxic chemicals? Including artificial frangrances and fluoride? What's your intake of clean water? What's your fruit intake?

I'm with Phil on using the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 and all that), and I recommend that you load up on minerals and antioxidants as well.

And I'm adding my prayers to the mix as well. God heal your hands, that you may continue to use your hands to glorify him! :)
I work in an office job, don't smoke and don't have any hobbies involving chemicals. Many colognes and perfumes irritate my nose, so I don't wear any and my wife does on occasion. Unfortunately, they put floride in our water. I have filters on the refrigerator water and my sink and when I buy water, I prefer the RO filtered brands over mineral water...distilled is even better. I used to buy toothpaste without fluoride, but that's really hard to find now.

Fruit? I dislike most fruit and some - bananas and grapefruit - I loathe. Grapes, apples, pinapples are ok. I drink some blended fruit juice. Favorite drink - V8 Splash berry blend mixed with diet Coke over crushed ice.

I've never been much of a believer in vitamins and supplements. Correction, it's not that I don't believe in their benefits, but if I can't observe some benefit, even over a prolonged period, I don't stick with it. Do you guys think I'll be able to notice the effects of the oils and antioxidants?

Prayers have been on the menu for quite a while, particularly on Sunday morning. Praying that they'll glorify him either in their healing or in His ability to get me through the practice and 2 services. That works out to about 12 to 20 songs between 8AM and noon.

I should point out that this is not constant, debilitating agony. This is a really early stage and for all I know it will never be more than it is now. For that matter, the joint pain, loss of hair, graying of the beard and fading eyes are all reminders that my time is short...our time is short...that we're on our way out to the Real Life and this one is only the 80 year test! Props to Alistair Begg!
Could be you don't have arthritis, but you may have tendonitis. I had similiar symptoms and took the tablets etc. But found out later that it was tendonitis - it produces a stabbing pain in the area of inflammation.
I could of course be wrong but then again I'm no doctor.

God Bless

My doctor sent me for an Xray and said it did show some arthritis. He's just an internist, not a geriatric guy so he could be mistaken. Other than the cost, I haven't heard of any drawbacks to glucosamine and condroitin. Haven't tried the fish oil yet. Hope it doesn't cause anything unpleasant.
the fish oil is harmless but don't OD on it as large quantities are a very effective laxative :o)


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