Having read through the Bible a number of times, I am struck by what a great sense of humor God possesses (aside from creating me). God's sense of irony is incredible. In fact, it's perfect!

Here are just a few examples from Scripture. Join in and add some of your own.

In the Old Testament, in the Book of Esther, we meet a nasty character named Haman. He wants to kill our hero Mordecai by hanging Mordecai on the gallows. Haman convinces the king to allow him to build a huge gallows for the execution. Esther uncovers the plot before the king, which results in Haman being hanged on the very gallows he built.

In the New Testament, Jesus tells a story about two men. One sees a small sliver of wood in his brother's eye and tries to remove it. The problem is the man had a large plank of wood protruding from his own eye, which prevented him from helping his friend. The picture Jesus painted is comical. It was a biting rebuke of the Pharisees.

Anyone have other examples?

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Wow, that is an awesome testimony :)

Chris is right, that is a great testimony. I had a similar experience about 28 years ago, when I was trying to decide between two policing agencies in my area that I had applied with. I had prayed to God for some kind of sign as to which job I should take, since both were offering me the job.

One of the pre-requisites in California for law enforcement is a physical examination. The first agency scheduled a medical exam for me. On the day of the exam, as I was entering the highway in my car, a cement-mixing truck flipped over on an intersecting roadway, as I was approaching the intersection. There was no apparent reason I could see for the truck to just flip.

The cement truck was flipped over on the passenger side. The truck had a diesel engine and was still running, with the driver stunned inside the cab. I got out of my car. No one else was around to help. I climbed into the cab and helped the driver stop the engine. It had spewed exhaust all over me and the driver. I helped him out, made sure he was all right, and saw that I had just enough time to get to my appointment.

My heart was racing over the incident. When I got to the doctor's office I could still feel my heart racing and I explained to the physician what had happened. He seemed rather disinterested in my story.

A few days after the medical exam, I received a notice in the mail from the agency who gave me the exam. They disqualified me from being hired due to high blood pressure. A week later I was invited to take a medical exam for the other agency and passed my medical exam with flying colors. I am now eligible to retire in about five years and have worked there for the past 28 years.

Here's your sign....

Thanks for sharing your testimony.. God does have a sense of humor.


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