Please share your weekly (or bi-weekly!) set lists here - thanks!

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November 2nd:

Call to Wroship:
Holy Is The Lord (Tomlin & Giglio) (A)

Worship Set:
Scripture Intro- (Psalm 95:1-7)

God of This City (Tomlin) (C) F-G-A2 transition to
My Glorious (A)
Agnus Dei (Michale W. Smith) (A)

Commitment Time:
You Are My God (Robby Thompson) (A)
Nov. 2nd
You're Worthy of My Praise
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
Blessed Be Your Name
I Stand in Awe
Your Are My King(Amazing Love)
Songs from our "Saturday Night ALIVE" believer's meeting:

Glorious Life - Nigel Briggs & Trent
Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) - Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche
Universe Bows - Chris Crow, Reginald Heber
Adoration - Brenton Brown
Breathe - Marie Barnett
You Are A Holy God - Brian Duane, Kathryn Scott
None But Jesus - Brooke Fraser
I hope that everyone remembered to set their clocks back. Our songlist for Nov. 2nd:

Victory In Jesus (hymn) (G)
I'll Fly Away (hymn) (G)
Power In the Blood (hymn) (G)
At the Cross (Darlene Zschech/Reuben Morgan) (F)
Above All (Michael W. Smith) (Bb)
How Great Thou Art (hymn) (Bb)

The first three songs are going to be done as a medley of camp meeting songs.
Yeah, every so often we do, but usually I don't have so many in one service. We did today and then went back and forth between the choruses of Victory In Jesus and Power In the Blood. The hymns for today were perfect and at the end of How Great Thou Art we went into the chorus of How Great Is Our God.
November 2nd - This morning during our contemporary service we were playing some songs that expressed what our pastor was preaching on about worship... here are the songs we chose:

Opening Song:
Let Everything that has Breath (Psalm 150 spoken as the band starts with the chorus instrumentally)

You Have Been so Good (Balloche)

Worship Set:
Sing for Joy (Lamont Hiebert)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
We All Bow Down (Lenny Leblanc)
Hey Everybody!
I had a new bass player so I played it pretty safe with my November 02 set list:

Set #1
Forever / Chris Tomlin
Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) / B. Brown
Christ the Lord is Risen Today (contemporary melody to trad. hymn)
Grace Like Rain / Agnew

Set #2 during communion:

All who are Thirsty / B. Brown
King of Glory / Mac Powell (Third Day)

It was a great morning in His presence!

Jacob's Well Community Church / Normal, IL
This is for our Thursday evening college worship service, Haven.

Opening Set:
Jesus Paid It All (A) - Kristian Stanfill
I Lift My Eyes Up (G) - Kutless
Here Is Our King (G) - David Crowder
The Glory of It All (G) - David Crowder

Sticking With You (Eb) - Addison Road
Hi all,

First post from me!!

Our Sunday evening service was led by me and went as follows:

Give thanks to the Lord (Forever) [Tomlin] (A)
Open praise and worship followed by prayer
God so loved this whole world (Birtill) (G)
straight into the chorus of To God be the Glory (Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord......)
At this point I was planning to go into a couple of other worship songs, but the Holy Spirit really began to minister to the congregation, and so we repeated the chorus of To God be the Glory over and over for ages, before our Pastor came up and started to pray and bring the Word
We then closed the meeting by singing To God be the Glory in full.

Will post the songs we did in the morning a bit later - was different as it was a family service
Was To God Be the Glory the Glory the hymn that goes like this:

To God be the glory, great things He hath done
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son...

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
Let the earth hear His voice...

If it is, I really like that one. I grew up in church singing it. It became our church's anthem.
Hi Jerry,

Yes, thats the one. Love the song, and has been a long time since we last did it - but it went really well with the message that was being given.
Hey Scott,

That is so cool! Now I want to pull it back out and use it for this Sunday.



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