I've been trying to come up with a good Biblical reason why when we pray for heal over people why does God not always move in the way we expect?

Why is it that when the deciples prayed for people they always recieved miraculous and imediate healing.

Anyone gpt any ideas.???

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I just want to add more scriptures from Proverbs NKJV:

Proverbs 1:20-23
verse 23: "Turn (change) at my rebuke; Surely I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you. "

Proverbs 4:20-22
verse 22: "For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. "
While in India we were all pumped and waiting to see God move in incredible ways. We wanted to see an arm or leg grow back. We wanted the lame to walk. It didn't happen. This led to a discussion one evening "Why Not?"

One of the conclusions we came to was "Why were we wanting the healing to occur?" Was it just that we wanted to witness God's power? Was it ultimately for our own gain?

One healing that God did do through me was a small child with a very hot fever. Her father brought her to me and the child (about 2 years old) looked like she was only half aware (like someone on drugs). I prayed for the child and within minutes the fever was gone and the child's head was up and she was looking around. What was the difference?

In addition to many of the above comments, one major difference for me personally was that I personally, had deep deep compassion for this child (having a daughter not much older). This is one thing Jesus always had - Compassion.

Another thing is Authority. We have the authority (we don't need to pray for it), what I believe we lack is the faith in the authority already given to us. When Jesus sent the disciples out he gave them the authority. And they used it. They did come up against the one that "could only be healed through prayer", which suggests that the other healings didn't require prayer. Just faith in excercising (with love) the authority already given.

So my short answer is "Faith and Compassion"

Hope that helps? Or did I confuse things?
Hey Randy,

Great response. I've never really considered the compassion side of healing.

It's really appropriate that you are asking all this on a worship forum and the topic of India came up. There was this missionary from india sharing why there is so much heart-wrenching sickness in India. He quoted Psalm 115:4-8:

Their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but they cannot see; they have ears, but cannot hear, noses, but they cannot smell; they have hands, but cannot feel, feet, but they cannot walk; nor can they utter a sound with their throats. Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.

And he added "I have never seen so many mute, blind and crippled people in one place before." He then emphasized again "Those who trust in them will be like them".

I think the relevance to us in the worship ministry is clear. We play a key role in bringing healing to people's lives, because we turn their eyes to the One who has the willingness and power to heal, the one who has the compassion and love to change their lives.

And now I guess the question is, do we have the faith to see the same happen where we are, right here and right now? :)
Hey Junjie,

I see your point and it is a good one however, You ask "do we have the faith to see the same happen where we are, right here and right now?"

Is healing really only as simple as the faith to believe that it can?
How much faith is required?
The faith of a mustard seed? (the smallest thing in the then know world)

So I still ask what is the Key to healing?
Why do we pray for healing and see nothing?

Lack of Faith?
Lack of Compassion?
Worship of gods? (idols not God)

Does anyone have any personal testimony?
Has God healed you?
What were the keys do you think?
First post this. So don't want to step on toes, but yes I think God can heal. But, then again, I have a physical next week. Why do that if God can heal anything that comes along? Should I not ever have another exam? I'm 51. Will I never die of an illness?

So when do I:
1) Go to the Dr.?
2) Ask for healing?
3) Get life insurance?

No agenda here, but just wondering.
Hey Brad
this is such a tough question but I know God can and does heal but He doesn't alway answer our prayers for healing in the way we would like. I don't believe we are to tell God how to do His job, we are to ask and watch how He chooses to answer. Death by the way is the ultimate healing, no more pain, or tears or sorrow so when our requests for healing from lets say cancer ends with a dead friend, do we see it as a failure to heal or God's way of healing as different from what we would like to see . I was healed last year from a ruptured brain aneurysm and while my friends and family are happy that I didn't die, truthfully, I know that I would have been better off with Jesus than left here on earth to suffer all that I have suffered since but God has a purpose and a plan for me here that I haven't finished or maybe even discovered yet so I'm still standing!
Just my 2 cents on the topic
Two stories of healing (abbreviated):

My wife and I wanted to have children. We were told that we were infertile and that science would have to intervene to make it happen. With the help of science we had two miscarriages, which compounded our grief. A man prayed for my wife, this prayer "Lord break the curse." One year and seven days later our daughter was born. We were so thankful, but He wasn't finished blessing us... 18 months later our son was born.

That was about nine years ago. Two months ago my mom was diagnosed with malignant colon cancer. We began to pray and asked our prayer-warrior friends to pray. Her doctor and three other doctors agreed it was very serious and he told her to get her house "in order", which is another way of saying "prepare to die". She went to a surgeon who did a number of additional tests, over a period of weeks, and eventually he said he couldn't see the tumor. It was gone.

There is no formula for healing. I wish there was and we could all just do that. A man I know who has seen lots of miraculous healing put it this way, "I don't know why God doesn't heal every time I pray for healing, but that won't stop me from praying for it."
Hi Tim,

I have a testimony for healing
pretty big one but please read it without interruption
am sure you will soon become a witness

Pl follow the link http://miraclepoweroftheholyspirit.blogspot.com/2009/03/miracle-hea...

Jesus Bless you
George India
I just replied to Brad's post about this so if you have time please read it but I just had another thought. How do we know that every time they prayed they got an instant and miraculous cure?
The Bible isn't a blow by blow account of every second of their lives so who knows how many times they prayed and it didn't happen the way they would like it to happen?
Just a thought...
Hey Bizzy, I kinda see what you saying,

However, if it sometimes didn't happen wouldn't the Bible tell us about these things so that we Knew that it would not every every time?

All scripture in my opinion seems to indicate miraculous healing and in almost every case instantaneous miraculos healing..

Don't get me wrong I believe God is a healer... My question is and has always been through this subject.. Why don't we see today what we read?

E.g I have had a bad back for about the past 6 weeks.... why does God not take away my pain, I know he can, however he does not? why is that?

I know that it will be better in a few weeks time it always does, but when the deciples prayed I don't think they said to people now go and rest and in a few days or weeks you will feel better and that we call healing...

What I am wanting to find is this...

I want to pray for you and know that God WILL heal you right here right now... That is the God of the Bible... YES!!!

Just out of interest your healing from the ruptured brain aneurysm was this imediate or was this over a period of time?
"Why don't we see today what we read (in the scriptures)?"...

While I'm painfully aware that we don't always see this a lot in most places, instant, miraculous healings - even creative miracles (re-creation of missing eyes, eardrums, limbs, etc) - do in fact still happen today.

Most of the stories you hear are in 3rd world countries, etc. - particularly the raising of the dead, but there is a strong move of the Spirit to renew the understanding of the power we have all over the world. Even in Western society, you're starting to see people walking down the street given a word of knowledge for a stranger, pray for them and heal them of lifelong afflictions right then and there. I've seen some of this myself, and my church is actively pursuing renewing the understanding of the power of the same Spirit that rose Christ from the grave that lives in us. Jesus Himself told us we would "do greater things", and He wasn't talking figuratively. Once the body embraces the fact that with the Spirit living in us, there isn't room for anything else (sickness, sin, etc) you will begin to see everyday Apostles rise up and the same signs and wonders we read about in the scriptures will become a lot more common.

Intimacy with Jesus brings a knowledge of our
Identity in Him, which releases our
Authority in the Spirit.

You only have to release any religious spirit, take Jesus at His Word, and step out in faith.



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