I've been trying to come up with a good Biblical reason why when we pray for heal over people why does God not always move in the way we expect?

Why is it that when the deciples prayed for people they always recieved miraculous and imediate healing.

Anyone gpt any ideas.???

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Absolutely, 100%, perfect.

God's healing is truely a miracle and He treats everyones faith to what they are praying so individually. Our Jesus is the same yesterday, today & FOREVER !!! AlaluJAH ! Did Jesus not heal ALL who was Afflicted ?
Kevin, the Bible tells us that God is a loving Father, and even though we are evil (born into sinful nature) we would want only good things for our children - how much more does a loving an Holy Father want only good for His children. What glorifies Him more; that we are sick, or that we have been healed through His love?

It is a lie of the enemy that God sends up illness or trouble to teach us or to build our testimony. Those things come as a result of living in a lost world - it is part of the curse. He does however use everything for our good - so when those troubles come, we do learn and grow. It is also a lie of the enemy that God allows death "so someone can go live with Him". God does not desire that anyone die in their youth or in tragedy.

When the woman believed she only needed to touch the hem of Jesus' garment to be healed, that is precisely what happened. When the centurion amazed even Jesus with his faith, and told Jesus that he believed Jesus could heal his servant with but a word from a distance; it happened just as he believed.

When we are unable to see miraculous, instant healings, it is not because God doesn't work that way...It's because we don't believe Him for it, and that we don't operate in His Spirit in that way.

I'm not saying specifically that it's due to a lack of faith - this is not condemnation...It's just that God loves us and meets us right where we are. If He stepped in and miraculously healed someone when the people involved did not believe for it; they would be fearful and may think it was the act of demons or something else...

...If we live in the Spirit and believe God for everything He promises us, we are not afraid or surprised when He acts miraculously through and amongst us.

Do you honestly believe that God desires for young children to die of disease or accident?!
My God is a loving Father.



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