The anatomy of songs... some good / funny elements here, and some truth mixed in too! Now, WORSHIP is not a song genre included in this chart. How would you break down a worship song anatomy to go on this chart?

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Not quite the same, but this made me smile... How it's made: Christian Music

Yeah I've seen that one. Funny stuff for sure! :)

Fast praise song:

Intro - declaration that I will worship Jesus in a way I never really would. Middle - declare Jesus would do absolutely anything for me and ME ALONE. Ending - I love you Jesus, you make me feel so good.

Slow worship song:

Intro - Jesus I need you more than air in order to live. Middle - try to adapt unsuitable poetic metaphore: rose/kiss/JIMBF/etc, & cycle around. Ending - gently wind down using excessive regen. on the guitar players reverb pedal until it goes into feedback.

Or did you want something that wholly serious?

Nice Toni :)

JIMBF... makes me think of this:


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