DISCLAIMER - some of your favourite worship songs may be ruined forever. I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your psyche through reading this thread.

- Ever misheard a worship song lyric? Then not been able to get the alternative lyrics out of your head? Name and shame time...

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You guys, these posts made me laugh so hard I am crying...but it feels good. I may wake up in the middle of the night with some of them still laughing. thanks...I needed that...better than comedy movie!!
haha I watched that about a month ago... to this day when "I can only imagine" by MercyMe comes on the radio all that goes through my head is, "I can only eat margarine". Lord I lift your name on high and Awesome God have become interesting as well!
unless you make a slip like heavenly whorehouses. lol (Than I pray to God that that was a mistake) lol
I have this friend (Sandy) of mine telling me about his friend. He asked sandy if he knows a name Fred written on the Bible, he asked who's Fred? Then the friend explained...."Because of the song Friend of God" and he literally sings it, here it goes...."I am afraid of God..He calles me Fred!!!" BBwaaahahahahaha!!!! LOL. Off corse we all know the lyrics, "I am a friend of God...He calles me friend."

God bless you all....
My kids asked me that same question... "Dad, why does God call me Fred?"
Well it is written that God will give us all a new name and someone had to get Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may be excommunicated for this but while I was in Bible College and in the choir. We sang in every service and in every service for a season we sang "Better than Life",

The pre-chorus is "You hold me now in Your arms and never let me go" after singing it the millionth time we started singing: "You hold me down and make me sing this song again".

fortunately in the big choir in big church no one knew the difference.

Sorry Marty.
That reminds me of our re-version: "We'll keep singing this soooong for-ever..."


The song named - "No one like you." by The David Crowder Band.

The slide person had a slip of the tongue and said we're singing "No one likes you".

Can't help but laugh every time I hear that title now.
What's a 'slide person'?
The person who runs the slides. The powerpoint and projector person. Puts up the lyrics...
Phil W. - I'll understand if you want to censor this one. Not precisely a PnW song but....
Years ago a brother from church and I were driving our boys on a boyscout outing. We hadn't known each other long and had a 5 hour drive ahead of us. We agreed to let the boys bring some CDs to listen to and we'd bring some of our own and take turns. Well, both being in our early forties, he expected I'd bring some similar music to his tastes. He had some country music, but he was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. I brought, among others, an Audio Adrenaline CD - Some Kind of Zombie.

So I'm singing along and for grins I sing "I'm an original species, and I'm lyin' in my fe--s". I think I recall grabbing the wheel so we didn't veer off the road as he regained control. I like shock humor, but I think I know how to keep it in check. I could be mistaken.


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