DISCLAIMER - some of your favourite worship songs may be ruined forever. I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your psyche through reading this thread.

- Ever misheard a worship song lyric? Then not been able to get the alternative lyrics out of your head? Name and shame time...

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you gotta be a Kim Possible fan, Phil!!! or have kids that are!! LOL!!
oic :-)
Ron rocks!!!
OK...Mark Schultz's song "I Am" - I was singing along to the radio one day, and the chorus goes like this:

I am the fount of living water
The risen Son of man
The healer of the broken.......

My son turns to me and say "Oh THAT's what they're saying! It makes sense now! I thought they were singing "The fizzing soda man

So now whenever it comes on the radio, I think "fizzing soda man" LOL
My son sings in Lay it Down "Here's my ride, I lay it down" (not here's my PRIDE). For all of you motoring enthusiasts, maybe it's an appropriate song.
Hearing kids sing, "The King is exhausted on high...."
Not a Christian song, but this is hysterical:


These are a bit off the topic but similar - more slips of the tongue than mishearing lyrics. Please read the last one cause it's the worst ever. I really did sing those words. Talk about being mortified!!
Here goes my confessions...
Jesus lover of my soul.
The first few times we rehearsed this we kept accidentally singing "it's all about me" instead of it's all about YOU. My greatest fear was that we would accidentally sing that line in our worship time.
All Hail the Power of Jesus name - I actually sang the word thong instead of throngs during worship.
and my all time favorite slip was in the song "Indescribable" I actually sang "heavenly whorehouses laden with snow"
Bizzy, you made me laugh out loud with the last one :-D
LOL!!!LOL!!! I'm crying! Did the congregation catch it? I'll never be able to sing that song again!
I once sang the wrong words to "Have Thine Own Way"...in stead of "thou art the potter, I am the clay"...I sang "I am the potter, Thou art the clay". .. to make it worse, I said it twice LOL

I didn't even know I did it until after service when one of my close friends were making fun of me for it...So embarassing!!!
I stumbled on a Tim Hawkins video clip on God Tube called Corporate Worship Songs. He has several re-dos of some of our favorites (and not so favorite) songs. Some songs are very hard to sing now. I watch my kids to make sure they are singing the right words, not the Tim Hawkins version:)


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