DISCLAIMER - some of your favourite worship songs may be ruined forever. I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your psyche through reading this thread.

- Ever misheard a worship song lyric? Then not been able to get the alternative lyrics out of your head? Name and shame time...

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One of mine is the Lex Buckley song "Through the valley". The start of the first two lines of verse 2 read:

Lord I know You are faithful
Lord I know You are good and true

...but before I knew the actual words I really thought she was singing:

No longer You are faithful
No longer You are good and true

(sorry Lex :-) )

...and now I find it really hard to hear anything else :-)
OK my wife reminded me of another one that we both got wrong!

It's a song by Chris Rice called 'Go light your world'...and the line at the end of the chorus that should be:

Take your candle and go light your world

really, really, really sounds like:

Take your candle go like a whirl

It's true!
So my hubby and I went to the first Integrity Songwriters retreat about 6 years ago...and one of the teachers was telling a story about his 3yo singing Open the Eyes of my Heart!

He said he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw his son sitting in his car seat wearing sunglasses singing at the top of his lungs..."To see you HIDE and LICK IT up..." (correct words obviously, "to see you high and lifted up...") we can't hear it any other way!! LOL...
That was so Funny!!!!! LOL

I agree that is very funny!

But my wife and I attended one of their Songwriters retreats in the 1980s, hosted by Dan Gardner and Kathy Zuzuak.  It was led by Gerritt Guffstason, who founded Integrity's Hosanna.

My comedian drummer smiles through every chorus of Tim Hughes' "Happy Day" as he sings "O, crappy day! Crappy day!" at the top of his lungs...
sounds like my drummers as well
Jesus Paid it All

sometimes I still hear "can change the leopards spots" which of course would be a really cool trick, but the line is "can change the lepers spots"... still pretty cool though.
LOl me too!!!!
somehow i have always believed that the original lyrics WERE "leopard" and not "leper." that is the point of jeremiah 13:23 after all, and that is the point of the miracle of the cross - that what cannot be done, can now be done! i would like to find an old, old hymnal somewhere and see if there might have been a change in lyric somewhere along the way.
Here's Brent's...he won't post it...LOL!!! but I'm giving him the credit!!

You are God Alone

in the bridge:
Thats what You are

(what we tend to sing...)
*Ron Stoppable*
Thats what You are
Ron Stoppable? Am I missing something?


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