On a sunday after Church especially if I have played both services my fingers are killing me on sunday night.

We are jsut about to start a Church plant so I may have Sundays when I play 3 services...

what can I do to avoid the pain..

any one got any of Mums remedies or hints to avoid this pain???

HELP MY... : )
I think maybe this is Sacrifice of Priase.. hehehehehe :)

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Other than wrapping your fingers with tape (this is not really an option) or dipping your fingers in super glue (um, ya) I think the best remedy is practice, practice, practice.... practice = calluses

The only other thing I would suggest is to make sure you're not pressing your fingers overly hard into the fretboard. Hard enough to have consistent pressure and good sound, but not so hard as to draw blood. Depending on your playing style, you might consider playing a lighter gage string (i.e. if you're playing heavy gage, try mediums, or if you're playing mediums, try medium lights).
had this problem Friday night and this morning...I'm thinking if we played two hours solid a day, our calluses would build up! As a professional cellist, you'd think I'd know this, but I just don't play the cello that much anymore!!!!!
This sounds silly, but once I was playing ALOT in just a few days, and my fingers were hurting awful. So I cut up the plastic lids to a coffee can into 1/8 to 1/4 inch thin strips and "bandaided" them over the tips of my fingers. I was kinda surprised how well it worked. I have resorted to this practice a couple of times. Looks kinda funny, but I was able to play.
I'm assuming your not "into" playing *more* to build up your calluses. And if that's the case, you could always try a guitar that uses classical strings. A completely different *sound* than steel string guitar, but there are some who *prefer* it. The classical strings are **much** easier on the fingers. My preference is steel string, but I do have a classical string Rainsong guitar, which has the thinner neck, same as a steel string guitar, because I've never been partial to the thick neck of a true classical, although I've owned a few in the past. That could be one solution, if your willing to pay the price:)...
Hi Kevin,

I Cannot stand the sound of a classical guitar. (sorry to those who do)

I Much prefer steel strings sound. I think I just need to play more and toughen my finger tips.

There are getting harder but with so many songs these day being played with G and C2 in them, not moving my 3rd and 4th fingers...

You know, I'm pretty certain there is actually something on the market for just that thing. I cant recall offhand the name of it(I never personally owned it).
A particular time we were to play back to back worship, I had new strings on the guitar. So this bluegrass genre musician offered me this spray that you spray on your finger tips. I'm thinking he even sprayed his strings with them as well.
he informed me that it was made to "make it easier on the fingers".
I did, & I must admit, it really did make a big difference! Although I wouldnt suggest using it all the time, I would think that it would almost HAVE to be hard on the strings. But when preparing for those long term playing times, it would be a GREAT option!
I'll do a bit of research to find out what the name of it is, but I DO know that there is something out there.

In Christ,
ok, so I did a little bit of online research and found two main ones out there. I've seen good reviews and bad reviews.
one being the "FingerEase" and the other being "FastFret".
Would be good to do a little research on the two and see if any of these are an option.
note: while looking through, I noticed a mix view on both. some who swear by it for 20+ years, others who "stays clear of it".
I'm not that familiar with them myself, but its a direction to look into if you have the time available.

i have that problem to the point of fingers going numb from too much grip pressure,lighter strings,checking your guitar neck,or try this in your kitchen sink run one side cold water,other side hot as you can stand place in hot first then to cold and alternate for a couple minutes
Switch to 'Silk & and Steel' strings

Essentially they are phosphor / bronze wrapped on a nylon core. I use them exclusively
on my Martin D35 12 string as well as on my Heritage electric semi hollow body.
It does help lessen tension to pitch which allows less pressure to note.


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