Sry, could not find where to post a tech question with the site. I am not able to click on the 'My Page' on the Main page or any page to get to MY PAGE. Ok- was a mouthful! I have to find a friend and click on their picture or mine to get there. Does anyone else have this problem? Also I uploaded a bunch of pictures. They are there but only will show up through thumbnails. I have a ning of my own so I know how it works but I cant get my pics to show up as a slideshow even when I set it. They are on the main page. Hey! Whats up with my page??? :-) Thanks for any input! And if your is doing that too...??? Maybe its the theme I added to my page. Although this has had no effect on my own ning. So I just do not know what is wrong~~~ help! Thanks!!! Blessings Noelle

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Hi Noelle - mine seems fine so not sure what's going on. What browser are you using? i.e. Internet Explorer 7, or 6, or Firefox etc?

Once I know the browser i'll report it to ning and see if they can find the issue.


Hey Phil! I am on a mac intel Core Duo using Mac OS X 10.5.3 and FireFox
I notice when I use Safari 3.1.1 I can see my slide show but still not able to click on My Page. It always just takes me to the Main page. I can see where it might look like a browser problem, but doesn't do that on any of my other networks including my own? Thank you thank you Phil!
No probs - i'll get on it now :-)
HI Both
I'm having the same problem (and I've never had it before today!). I'm running a PC under Windows XP and Firefox. I've just checked Internet Explorer and that seems OK. Perhaps they've changed something that impacts on Firefox users.
By the way, Noelle, I can see a slide show on your page fine!
Looks good!
All the best.
Hey! I dont know why I see in Safari and not firefox... poo, maybe I will go ahead and do Beta 3.0 for Firefox.
Best to you as well! Noelle
The other option, while they are fixing it, is to use Internet Explorer - seems fine using that.

Hopefully they will fix it soon...


Hey Phil! Thanks for looking into this. I will just wait, I have never opened IE since I left the Windows world 6 years ago. I am a MacAddict all the way. :-)
Blessings to you Phil!
You'll be glad to know this should be fixed now - it's fixed on Firefox so hopefully on Safari too. Is that slideshow thing fixed now too?

The issue, in case you're wondering, was that my logo image was too high and was taking over the links that it was overlapping. As the logo links to the main homepage these other links were too!

Thanks for highlighting this issue.

Thanks Phil, mine seems fine!

Thanks Phil!! Have a great day!!


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