Hey Everyone,

Please go here and leave your input. I'm teaching a seminar at the National Worship Leader Conference in Austin, TX this Summer, and would love to include your story or testimony.

For the sake of keeping the comments consolidated, please leave your response on the Blog and of course, post it here as well. Just enter your response, then copy/paste and enter as a comment over on my blog. (many of the blog readers would love to see your response, but may not find your answers here)!

Please help spread the word to all the Worship Leaders you know!

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Perhaps you can invite your blog readers here too :-)
Phil, yep, we'll compile everywhere this is being discussed. It's being discussed on the blog, on SongDISCovery's forums, in several email list-servs, and on TheWorshipCommunity.Com. (hopefully you've got a reply, too!?) :-)


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