I thought it would be good to share tips we might have about where to start with writing worship songs? Is it best to start with a melody and chords or to write lyrics first?

Should a song be given to you by God or can we force/craft songs as and when we so wish?

What do you do when you run out of ideas or generally feel a bit dry - stop for a while or press in and continue?

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holy ghost we need you
see you we do
our hearts to see you oooooooooo
we what to see you today
holy ghost we need you yes we do im free to see you holy ghost

please read this and get back to me
Yea, must have sounded better when you sang it. Hard to see it as just words.
see  i cant  read  misuc  or  tthe cords  but i know  what em is  emior  and  fm is   flat moir
that  is great  song  keep up the  good work

I led a songwriting class at a camp in Latvia and the one lesson is carry a notebook and pen(pencil). at all times.

One young lady camp volunteer found herself praising God whilst cleaning the toilets at 2am and wrote it down.  It's a beautiful song and we did a recording for her.   


I personally write very few congregational songs.   I seem to be blessed with writing songs about the difficult things.


songs either start with an idea, a need or by playing something new.

Mostly I now write down ideas and lyrics as I hear them in my mind or as soon as I can (if I remember them)


I have songs that I started three years ago that I'm still writing.  I have fragment of lyrics waiting to be used.


I have songs such as Turning the Tables which met a need (I searched all the Hymn/Worship books for a song to cover this)  that took 30 minutes (10 minutes of prayer included). I have attach the words/chords.




A good cure for dryness can be to sit down and put the pen to paper, whether anything good comes out or not.  If you cannot prime the pump, then you might go out an live a bit -- get some rejection, or success, or feel the wind in trees, or learn how the Bible stories play out at the job, or... just live life!  Music is about life.

...and when you write words, write real words.  If you find treacle coming, or find yourself rhyming "intention" with "comprehension", or find yourself rearranging Redman's words, rip it up.  Go ahead, rip it.  Rrrrrrrrip IT -- and go out for a walk.  Get away from bad text at all cost.

Well  i am just starting to write my own christian songs. Christian music has always been apart of my life and i beleave that you if want to start writeing songs not just christian songs but any type of song . that song should be given to you by God .  first of all you should pray and let God use you from there on...


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