I had a very funny thing happen last Sunday during worship and I wonder if any of you had any funny stories to tell. Here's mine:
I get up at 5:30 every Sunday morning to go to work at one of my church's and generally get pretty tired early Sunday evening. This past week I was leading worship at my home church at the 6pm service. We start rehearsing at 3pm and by mid service 7pm, I was getting bleary eyed. Now when my eyes get tired, I start seeing double and I have discovered that if I close one eye I see okay. So when we got up after the sermon to do our longer worship set, my eyes crossed and I couldn't see the music, so I closed one eye and it remained closed the entire time. I don't know if anyone noticed but if they did I must have looked like patchy the pirate. Can you say Arrrrgh

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OK, so not so funny at the time but...A few years ago I was a singer in a worship band. I had been suffering from dizziness and got so extremely dizzy during a song that I immediately hit the floor then crawled over to the side of the stage and sat out the rest of the set. Nobody laughed they were mostly just concerned. But to think about it now...it must have been funny to see a pregnant woman crawl off the stage!

Another thing happened in a choir not on a worship team...I was standing up in a loft of a church with a choir. I was supposed to start a solo by stepping forward. As I stepped forward for my solo, my slip fell off around my ankles. I stepped out of it and kicked it behind me under the pew. No one down below could see my feet, but I was concerned that the guy behind me was quite puzzled. Turned out though he didn't notice a thing. But we sure did laugh about it after we were done!
the slip falling is very funny!! you falling over not so funny!!
How are things going btw? I have been keeping you in prayer.
No job and the finances are really bad. But there seem to be things developing, lots of possibilities and some too great for me to fathom. I hope that I can fill everyone in soon. So many things I couldn't possible say them all. Right now it is a waiting game. I am trusting that God will take care of it all!

Thanks Bizzy and NewMan!
This is one I think I'll always remember - it happened to a good friend of mine leading the worship and singing. She had to cough at some point in the song. She tried to suppress it but it came out as a kind of throaty growl as she sang. When that section was repeated, she tried to mimic the throaty singing. Didn't work too well. We got a really good laugh afterwards though.
Maybe not so funny, but last Sunday as I was loading my car with all the PA gear and instruments I dropped a keyboard stand on my foot ( bare feet of course) and badly bruised my big toe. I spent all of worship wearing one shoe and standing on one foot ( a bit difficult when I needed to change effects on my guitar). I can laugh about it now , but it wasn't so funny at the time. BTW the pain's gone, but the toe is now an interesting shade of deep purple!
Ouch!! Can you imagine if we were leading together, you with one shoe one and me with one eye open!
That's to funny Bizzy!!! I can just imagine you with one one closed!!!.....


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