I've a question for all the gearhead guitarists here.  I have a cheap donated Ibanez and am looking for a better instrument.  What in the $600-$900 range works well in a group setting?  I found a Martin that I like. but have been told that they're great for solo playing, but not as good in a group setting.  I'm not sure I follow the reasoning of that one.  Also found some Takamine and Yamahas that I like too, but all would be better than the flap and tinniness of the Ibanez.  Without getting into loyalist flame wars are there any suggestions???

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I have a jumbo Tak with an onboard tuner that I enjoy thoroughly.

As I recall it was somewhere in the $500-$600 range.

It has a nice bright high end, a strong low end, and a pretty balanced mid-range - good for unplugged settings, although if you plug it into a sound system you might have to EQ the low end so it doesn't sound "tinny."

"if you plug it into a sound system you might have to EQ the low end so it doesn't sound "tinny.""

Panic sets in!!  I read the words, but don't fully understand the words!  I'm brand new to having dials of my own to deal with and am not fully sure what to do. It most definitely will be plugged into a system and I assume the sound crew, who have been an immense help so far, will know what to do as they're making us sound good even with new musicians.

What's wrong with the Martin? I have no idea what that means - "group setting". Use the Martin! Otherwise, I second the Tak suggestion. Taks have a reputation for sounding great plugged in.

I'm leaning towards the Martin model DCPA5K.  I do wonder why the Yamahsa and Taks have a full equalizer system and the Martins (Taylors too) just have a couple knobs to do the same thing.

It's just a price point that one is willing to pay for electronics. It also increases the chimp factor when buying it. (Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.)

But that being said, my Taylor has a bunch of knobs. After mine, they came out with a much simpler system, claiming that it sounded better. Maybe yes, maybe no.

I guess one could say that a guitar that sounds better from the start needs less EQ'ing and tweaking to get good tone. I'm not sure about that since piezo pickups pretty much erase all dynamics and natural guitar tone.

In my experience, if you have an acoustic guitar that sounds good by itself, it will blend well with the rest of the band. Having said that, not every guitar that sounds good acoustically will sound good plugged in. But there are pedals and DI boxes that will help a bad plugged in sound. I would suggest playing as many acoustic guitars that you can (because they're all different - even if they're the same make and model) and pick the one you like the best.  If you have more than one that you like, then compare the plugged in sounds (if they are equipped with a pickup).


Also don't assume the more expensive guitars will be best. I've heard very expensive guitars that were not as good as £200-£350 pound guitars. Also consider secondhand!
This is a very subjective area.

I'm basing my assumptions on personal experience.  A few years ago my sax tone and playing improved drastically when moving from a student model to a much better model.

I've always fancied a Tak, but couldn't agree more with Vic's reply.  No right or wrong answer here, like Al says all guitars sound different.  I'd say go with your gut instinct, try as many guitars as you can and you may just find a one that shouts out at you 'This is the guitar for me'.  You can always do what I did, pray about which guitar to choose, it worked for me : )

You can always do what I did, pray about which guitar to choose,

What a novel approach!!  I'm ashamed to admit that I hadn't even thought of that.  Why do I 'compartmentalize' my prayer life--as in "these things are prayerworthy and these aren't?? 

'I'm ashamed to admit that I hadn't even thought of that'


I almost felt ashamed of having to admit on here that I needed to resort to prayer to choose the right guitar!  Heck, we are a humble pair : )


Well, I certainly think prayer is good, but it has to go through the prayer committee first. And they need 3 days to turn it around with recommendations for how low to bow and how much to put in the offering afterward...he he.

I'm not sure I would say that God wants you to look to Him to tell you which guitar to play, but I'm sure He's more than happy to help you acquire what you want. (Not just what you need.)


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