I've a question for all the gearhead guitarists here.  I have a cheap donated Ibanez and am looking for a better instrument.  What in the $600-$900 range works well in a group setting?  I found a Martin that I like. but have been told that they're great for solo playing, but not as good in a group setting.  I'm not sure I follow the reasoning of that one.  Also found some Takamine and Yamahas that I like too, but all would be better than the flap and tinniness of the Ibanez.  Without getting into loyalist flame wars are there any suggestions???

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"In my experience, if you have an acoustic guitar that sounds good by itself, it will blend well with the rest of the band"

This makes perfect sense to me

The best acoustic guitar is really a strat. ;-)

LOL. But truly, it does a very good job of filling that space if you pick the right pickup and tone. 

Heard a number of people playing the Crafter SA guitars which act as electric and acoustic( piezo pickups) Taylor do a similar but more expensive one (maybe the Crafters is the copy) .  

Did a small gig were the main act had the Taylor did not hear it though as the Mains power got cut to half the City (Salisbury) as he set up.  We finished the night with a 50 minute set by candle light on our acoustic's and the singer really belted out the songs.


Toni : Music Man Petrucci 6 Piezo  is a Strat-a-like


These reduces the feedback issue that some electroacoustics have! 


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