To any South Aficans or anyone..
Looking for some good afrikaans congregational Praise and Worship songs, or any xhosa, or cross culture material.
Any suggestions?

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Do you know about Joe Niemand's lastest album. What do you already have? Julius Magan, Janita, luidkeels, daar is n paar. Ken jy iemand wat by mighty men conference 2009 was. Nogaal n paar nuwe afrikaanse songs gesing. Soek CJ de Klerk op hierdie site en vra hom. Hulle sing baie Afrikaans in sy kerk.
thanks, we are a very english church, but want to start bringing in some new stuff in this area. thanks for the help
Hi There

You should realy just get the 1st cd from Reteif Burger as Cobus just said.
They even have the cords and the words so it makes it very easy.
Good Luck and Gr8 Idea. You will be suprised how much the English people will enjoy the afrikaans songs.
Be Blessed
Hi Jeanine,

There is a song we've started playing at my church. It's a mix of xhosa and english lyrics. It's called Simunye (we are one)...check it out here.

And we do quite a few songs by Retief would recommend him for Afrikaans songs.


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