Trivial, yes, but a pet peeve of mine. "A lot of people think 'alot' is a word that means a large quantity."

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It's "vernacular", lol!
I use alot alot! I'm sorry I hope you can forgive me. you are right It is incorrect but commonly understood by many. I'll try to mend my ways.
It's certainly true that there are people who care "a lot" more about grammar and diction than others. For some, as long as the idea being communicated is understood, the choice of syntax or any of the tools in the linguistic toolbox is secondary. For others, (like me) using the language poorly is like using a Crescent wrench to fix everything- it can sort of get the job done most of the time, but it will eventually damage what was meant to be repaired.

But that's way too serious a start! Language is fun for some of us, and I try not to get too hung up on writing or speaking perfectly because I still make lots of mistakes. (Come to think of it, that's a pretty good metaphor for Christian living, eh?)

My current pet language peeves are the media buzz-words "on the ground" and "going forward". In almost every case, the news person could simply leave those words out and the sentence would still make sense.

My favourite (note Canadian spelling) malapropism is one I heard in a news interview recently:
" Of course, the safety of our children is tantamount!"
I worked at a company where all the execs used the phrase "going forward" constantly. Occasionally they would throw us off by saying "moving forward" instead.
your completely correct, supposably

Just kidding!

Jim Cox
Heh heh... This reminds me of an excellent article by Bob Kilpatrick in Christian Musician magazine. He was writing about good songwriting by using examples of bad songwriting. Effective and fun to read- like, I'd never make a mist ache like that.
How about Double Negatives, I hear them all the time. "If people don't ask Jesus into their heart, nobobdy won't go to Heaven!" Does that mean they will?
My spell checker fixed that problem with me a long time ago. Although my brain still wants to put the words together, I have had to force myself to do it as two words. Thanks alot Dale. :^)
Gee, wouldn't a good spell checker change it to "allot" ???

Double negatives... we should add that to the list of ways to write a bad worship song...

I just read a comment on CCLI TV about someone's song. They wrote, Love the song, I can feel His presents. Spell checker can't catch that. They spelled presents right.
Easy memory aid...alittle is not a word...and neither is alot.
Do you seriously think it is a word?


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