So, okay, I'm not a huge fan of the Christian radio station, I usually find myself turning it off after two or three songs... but this (Amy Grant, Better Than a Hallelujah) came on today and I was just... amazed.  Sat in the car listening 'til the song was over.  I'm not sure if it would work as a "worship" song, but the message is something every worship leader oughta hear, and I bet it will show up as an offertory solo in lots of places.

For years and years, I felt like Amy Grant was just too "wholesome" for me, and then I got listening to some of her songs as part of a youth choir musical I was working on, and realized that... she had just totally captured what it was like being in a church youth group... in a good way :-) I was very impressed with the "secular" albums she did, especially House of Love... but this is a great new song...


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I just heard it the other day, pretty decent song. Like you, I rarely turn on Christian radio, but I do hit it for a few minutes each week.
Well, I think the song explains itself pretty well...

The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah sometimes...

In terms of contemporary worship, I think it means that (sometimes) God cares more about what happens at the altar call and prayer time than about what happens during the "worship" (music) time.
I loved the lyrics! - thanks for posting about it!
I just heard that song the other day... Not my favorite. I do agree... the move in the church is good. Priorities in allowing the Lord to be worshiped from a broken contrite heart rather than just words. But... I'm not a fan of female vocals. Just preferences I guess. I changed the radio station. :P
I'm not personally convinced that it makes a good congregational song, but it's a good song for in that it's from the heart. That's something that the church lacks greatly.


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