A post in the ongoing---and possibly unending--anointing (one n) thread got me to thinking, which is always a dangerous thing.  One post in particular mentions having trouble knowing the difference between (paraphrase here) participating in a spirit filled worship, experiencing God's presence, or having an emotional reaction to music that happens to mention Jesus in it.


What do you think?

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I'll start as I have an example of what I'm thinking about.  The 'third option' is what really got me thinking.  Have any of you ever gone to a place of worship while listening to music that has no mention of God in it at all?  Music is such a subjective thing that has a different effect on everybody.  In my pre-Christ days music was about the only thing I lived for--not playing/singing as I had no musical training/abilities at all at the time--simply listening to certain songs/styles took me to a different place.  When I first believed the music was far and away the toughest thing I had trouble with as most Christian music that I encountered was pretty schmaltzy with no real flavor to it.  Over time that changed and much worship music took me to a place of focusing on God and His Holiness.


The odd thing is that secular music can sometimes have the same effect on me.  I was ready to post this hours ago and using a particular song that I absolutely love as an example.  Just as I was beginning to post it I got called out to work (I'm on-call).  This eventually turned into about 3 hours in a truck with no cd player and limited radio reception.  Finding stations that tune in is a difficult thing, so much of the time I'm singing in my head, praying, and praising.  The song I was going to mention was Lynard Skynard's 'Tuesday's Gone'.  Wouldn't you know it, I happened to hear maybe 10 songs clearly during the trip and this one was on twice (different stations).  I did find myself glorifying God through this secular song, particularly the long instrumental sections.  This can happen during a lot of other non Christ-centered music as well.  Just as it can happen each Spring the first time I see wysteria or a gaggle of baby geese.  There's obviously no 'anointing' on these songs, plants, or animals, but I find myself giving Him glory and praying anyway.  


I'm not sure what I expect to see in this thread, but any thoughts are appreciated.


Don't be so quick to say there is no anointing in those songs. How do you really know that? If God uplifted your spirit when you heard it, then I'd say that's a taste of heaven.


I tend to shy away from labeling everything we do in church (or in life in general). God is all and in all, and all things are created for Him. I think we try to box it up too much. The Bible says all good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights. To me, that means anything that is uplifting, inspiring, or creates some sort of longing for God is something that God sent as a gift. Don't analyze it; enjoy it!

I'm with Rick on this one. Who says there is no anointing on these songs? I find myself worshipping through secular songs all the time. I always pray before performing secular music and offer secular music up to Him. Of course I could never offer up anything with inappropriate words, but then again I couldn't sing anything with inappropriate words. What is inappropriate? I guess I have to use my own conscience on that one. The way I see it, God gives us the gift of music for worship purposes, but also to be enjoyed and bring joy to others.


Would you believe that I asked God to bring an anointing upon my guitar? Is this crazy? Maybe, but I had a burning desire for my instrument to be blessed for His glory, and I thought, why not?


On the flip side, who's to say that all worship music is anointed? I really don't, but I doubt it.


Lorraine, if I think about what an anointing is and how that applies to your guitar, I think it's you who has to anoint your guitar. That is to say that when someone is anointed by God, it means that He chooses and sets them apart for service to Him and confirms it through a prophet or whatever. If you want that for your guitar, it seems that you would anoint it by how you decide to use it and what you feel is appropriate. For instance, you might decide to never play a Motorhead song with it. Or better yet, who is Motorhead?
"For instance, you might decide to never play a Motorhead song with it. Or better yet, who is Motorhead?"

If you did play it you may be asking for aspirin or a lobotomy instead of anointing.
I'm glad someone knows what I was talking about, that was a risky thing to put out there.

Motorhead, I wish : ) 


I get what you are saying Stevo, and that's kinda what I am getting at. I bought my guitar for the sole purpose of worshipping, at that point I wasn't involved in the playing of secular music. I just had this urge to make an official declaration before God, so I asked Him to anoint it for me. Maybe to ask for an 'anointing' was the wrong thing to do, or the wrong term to use.



Just messing around a bit...
Greg, actually I do have a poster of Lemmy inside my guitar case, it's used as a deterrent to stop my friend's cat climbing inside!

...........hey Stevo, I actually thought your reply was pretty tame. I expected a complete rollicking from you to say the least. You're not going soft on us are you? Or mellowing perhaps? :) :)

Ace of Spades baby! (Come one, you know you've heard it.)
Ok, cards on the table (no pun intended) - Yep, I've heard it!


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