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Would a banjo work in today's contemporary worship sets?

I could see it where it might be used in the upbeat, praise songs.

Your thoughts?

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I think the issue is one of how a song is written.   You may try your hand at a song accompanied ONLY on the banjo.

I have long thought about how to incorporate a tanpura (drone instrument from India) into worship music.

For me, definitely not. To my ears, the banjo is the least melodic of instruments.

Banjos were invented to make a nice plucking sound into music.  A musician's calling is to find the music that is in the instrument.  Some never find the music even in the most pleasant-sounding instrument, and just paw away.  Others hunt for it relentlessly, and are rewarded, and reward everyone else's ears.

Find the reason the banjo was made, and the places it should be played, and you've got something wonderful!  What are its attributes?

1)  It is fun, something not every instrument can be.  Find the fun in your worship music and let the banjo help you out in it.

2)  Most of your contemporary worship music is written by  the Southern folk and English and Australians, for whom banjo is endemic, or popular, or whatever.  Lots of what we hear on KLOV is edited in Naishvul, after all.  So it must be compatible with their ethos.

3)  The banjo is percussive and potentially highly rhythmic.  I mean, a drum isn't much of a sound.

4)  Use some variety.  What if your drummer played the same type of beat every measure (some do, and it's monumentally annoying, the incessant rock beat, but we insist on the drums being there).

5)  Melodic?  No.  Maybe in the hands of a master.


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